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Isoton drink Nutren ISOdrinX

Isotonic drink, suitable both before and during athletic performance, supplements, maintains and regulates mineral balance. more


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Isotonic drink Nutrend ISOdrinX is a refreshing drink ready for immediate consumption. Special ergonomic bottle with a membrane which prevents accidental spillage of a beverage. ISODRINX has a pleasant taste that meets physiological needs of the body for replenishment of lost fluids, minerals and energy during intense physical activity (up to 60 minutes). For effective regulation and to promote regeneration is the drink enriched with a blend of selected vitamins.

Technical description:

  • hydrates the body during intense short-term load
  • adds up quickly absorbable and usable energy
  • adds, maintains and regulates mineral balance during physical activity
  • reduces tendency to the formation of muscle cramps
  • high energy load - excess of rapidly absorbable carbohydrates
  • optimal minerals proportion - minerals in the forms most utilizable by organism
  • increased carbohydrate content
  • ergonomic shape of the bottle, which exactly fits the bike baskets
  • content: 750 ml
  • suitable for people with extreme loads in harsh climatic conditions


7 reasons why ISODRINX, 750 ml

  • helps to maintain the balance of minerals during performance (I sweat out > I replenish)
  • supplies the body with high quality fluid during performance
  • minimizes the risk of muscle cramps
  • supplies energy during the duration of exercise
  • supplies quality minerals and vitamins
  • promotes quality and fast recovery after exercise


Recommended dosage

  • before performance about 200 - 300 ml during 30 minutes
  • during intense performance approximately every 15 minutes 100 - 200 ml


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