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Drink Nutrend Magneslife10 x 25 ml

Highly-efficient liquid form of magnesium with vitamin B6

Highly-efficient liquid form of magnesium with vitamin B6 more »

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Drink Nutrend Magneslife10 x 25 ml

MAGNESLIFE is highly efficient solution of magnesium ions (magnesium) and vitamin B6 for solving acute muscle spasms.

The form of solution provides a maximally fast effect. Organic carriers of magnesium ions guarantee efficiency and high absorbency.

Practical packaging in single monodoses make it possible to have MAGNESLIFE with you at any time and use it right away when signals of muscle cramps are coming during exercise.

MagnesLife is intended for:

  • Athletes and people with high physical stress - helping to solve muscle spasms,
  • Neuromuscular tension release, relaxation and recovery – it is ideal to use it at bedtime,
  • Individuals with an increased predisposition to latent tetany - any time of day when you feel the incoming signals of magnesium absence,
  • Solution of magnesium loss after alcohol drinking,
  • Use in stressful situations and increased mental effort

Characteristics of effective substances in MagnesLife:

  • Magnesium (Mg) is among the most important minerals necessary for life, that man can not create. Therefore, we must rely on its dietary intake. Its deficiency causes muscle spasms.

Magnesium performs many vital functions in the regulation of energy metabolism, because it acts as a cofactor and activator of many enzymes. It is also involved in calcium metabolism - protects against excess calcium deposition in soft tissues (heart, kidney, vascular wall), stimulates production of antibodies and increases immunity. Diabetics, people with digestive disorders (celiac disease, diarrhoea) and renal diseases often suffer from magnesium deficiency.

  • The addition of water-soluble vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which must be constantly replenished from the diet, promotes the transfer of magnesium across the cell membrane into the cell interior, which helps to regulate the amount of magnesium inside the cells. The greater consumption of protein you have, the greater the amount of vitamin B6 you need.

Recommended dosage:

  • 1 drinking monodose of MAGNESLIFE (25 ml) during physical exercise, when you feel the signals of coming muscle cramps,
  • During long and demanding exercise always keep a dose of MagnesLife with you and use with the first signals of coming muscle cramps,
  • 1 drinking monodose during a day, before bedtime, is suitable for all those who have inadequate magnesium intake from regular diet. It is also appropriate to include MAGNESLIFE before bedtime for persons who feel excessively tired, or are exposed to excessive physical or mental stress,
  • Maximum one monodose 1 time a day.

MAGNESLIFE dosage for children over 3 years of age should always consult a doctor.


  • Serve by pouring the contents of the bottle into the mouth or dilute the contents in the water.
  • Drink only with water or hypotonic drink.
  • We recommend to drink with plenty of drinks.
  • Milk or alcoholic beverages are not suitable for the preparation.
  • After opening consume the contents of the bottle within 24 hours.
  • Shake well before use!
  • Possible slight sediment is a natural feature of the product and not a defect.

Food supplement with sweeteners. It does not replace a varied diet. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dry place below 25 °C, away from direct sunlight. Protect from freeze. The manufacturer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage or storage.

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