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Socks ASSISTANCE - with elasthane

Men's socks made from bamboo fiber with elastane, blood vessels strengthening, effective blood perfusion and foot odour elimination.

Men's socks made from bamboo fiber with elastane, blood vessels strengthening, effective blood perfusion and foot odour elimination.

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Socks ASSISTANCE - with elasthane

Socks ASSISTANCE - with elastane are men's socks made from bamboo fibers suitable for all types of people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Their no-hem technology will also suit those suffering from diabetes and frequent swelling of the legs. They are designed to hold well while not tightening the legs, to ensure good blood circulation and thus to provide a sense of comfort. Their innovative fiber Prolen® Siltex contains silver ions which reduce the risk of mold growth, prevent the formation of unpleasant odours, and also liquidate the growth of bacteria and fungi. Prolen hollow fibers with air channels serve as an insulation which maintains the optimum temperature of the feet. Extract of Ginkgo two-lobed reduces feelings of tension, improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels.

Technical description:

  • improve blood circulation
  • maintain optimum temperature
  • remove odour
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • contain silver ions and extracts of Ginkgo two-lobed


 Prolen® Siltex is a special polypropylene fiber, which is not harmful to the body or the environment. Contained silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing unpleasant odours and maintain the biological balance of the skin during the peak recreational or sporting activities. As silver ions are injected directly into the fiber and not only on the surface of the material, they do not get into the skin and remain there even after repeated washing.


 Cotton is solid and comfortable fabric, utilized primarily on garments that are subjected to frequent wearing and must be washed frequently. It holds a large portion of the sweat, and therefore it has become very popular in the manufacture of underwear.


 Prolen hollow fibers have excellent properties because their structure allows the material to "breathe", but also prevents any escape of heat. Special fiber design can quickly remove the moisture from the fabric, and therefore are the clothes very comfortable for all-day wear.


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