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Multi-Press Body-Solid GS348P4 DELUXE

Unique set designed to improve workout with weights.

Unique set designed to improve workout with weights.

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Multi-Press Body-Solid GS348P4 DELUXE

Multi-Press Body-Solid GS348QP4 DELUXE is a professional exercise machine that can easily replace a number of popular pieces of workout equipment and serve as your own personal gym, all in one.

Technical description:

  • Workout machine designed to allow for natural movement up and down when training with two guide rods.
  • Linear bearing Smith Machine with 20 lock-out points to safely stop the bar
  • Smith bar with a wide diameter has 11.5 kg (25 lbs) and is suitable for both amateurs and professionals
  • Includes 6 easy-to-store storage posts for Olympic weight plates so you don’t have to place them on the floor if you remove them
  • Olympic bar holder is attached to the frame in such a way that it doesn’t limit the user’s movement in any way
  • Distance between stand posts: inner 112 cm, outer 123 cm
  • Dimensions: H 211 cm x L 168 cm x W 163 cm
  • Category S – recommended for all types of gyms

7 DELUXE parts:

  • 95 kg (210 lb) of weight plates for pull-downs (upper pulley), chest flies and high pulls
  • Pec Dec – an ideal way to exercise chest muscles, grips are made of high-density foam, backrest will provide maximum comfort
  • Incline bench is a versatile accessory – with it you can practice leg curls, bench presses, pull-downs or bicep exercises with the option of adjusting the inclination angle up to 90°, can withstand weight up to 450 kg (1000 lb)
  • The bench can be adjusted to a horizontal position and used for leg curls
  • Curl attachment – to most effectively use your own strength for biceps and triceps exercises
  • The pad can be adjusted to a suitable angle to make your training as effective as possible
  • 20 lock-out points for safety while doing bench presses

Exercised body areas:

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