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Socks, anatomically shaped, instep ventilation panel, high thermal comfort, non-slip hem.

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Socks, anatomically shaped, instep ventilation panel, high thermal comfort, non-slip hem.

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Socks Northman Alpine Trekking

Northman Alpine Trekking socks are heavier outdoor sock designed for multi-day hiking with a load in difficult mountain conditions. Thanks to the high-quality material that ensures high thermal comfort, anatomical shaping and instep ventilation panel, the Northman Alpine Trekking socks are frequently sought-after for all types of outdoor activities during poor weather conditions, but are also suitable for casual wear.

Technical description:

  • flat tiptoe seam
  • anatomically shaped
  • instep ventilation panel
  • instep elastic bandage to support and reinforce the arch
  • high thermal comfort
  • protection against blisters
  • non-slip hem
  • material: 15 % Borgolon Nylon, 57 % Thermo Cool, 24% Merino Wool, 4% Lycra


Merino Wool
is a natural textile material derived mainly from Australia and New Zealand Merino sheep. Due to its unique functional properties it is predestined for outdoor activities. Merino wool has a thermoregulatory ability, is breathable and can absorb and transport sweat, has antibacterial and anti-odour effects, is hypoallergenic, it may protect against UV radiation, is flexible and strong. This technology is ideal for climbers, skiers and other outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts.

 Thermo Cool
is a new innovative eco-friendly fiber developed by Advansa company based on its technological expertise with modified synthetic fibers. It is a unique blend of hollow fibers braided by canal surface fibers, which provides significantly more than would be expected from one type of fiber in a single yarn. This fiber is made to optimize the ability of natural human body thermoregulation, and according to user needs and conditions, the body is either cooled or the temperature compensated. Winter or heat, on the contrary, significantly affects our performance and well-being and together with climatic conditions are important factors. Therefore Advansa developed this unique yarn for fabric and clothing production, meeting two basic requirements - to provide warmth when you are cold and to cool when you're hot.

 Borgolon Nylon
very flexible, durable, polyamide synthetic fiber with high resistance to traction, tear and abrasion known under the trade name Nylon and Perlon. Very slightly absorbs moisture and has the ability to remove it outside the socks. Each washing increases the durability of the fabric. In sock it is added mainly to increase the strength of the stress points in both the heel and toe, and also the body of socks.

is the world's most recognized elastic fiber with a registered trade mark of the INVISTA company, formerly DUPont. Socks with LYCRA® fiber are flexible, ensuring a perfect fit and high wearing comfort.


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