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Trekking poles inSPORTline Sajama

Adjustable and folding poles, low weight, special quick-fastening system Fast Lock, carbide tip, aluminum body, adjustable straps.

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Adjustable and folding poles, low weight, special quick-fastening system Fast Lock, carbide tip, aluminum body, adjustable straps.

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Trekking poles inSPORTline Sajama

Trekking poles InSPORTline Sajama are made from lightweight, durable aluminum. The tip of the poles is made of a special material called carbide, which has excellent properties in hardness. This material is formed by molding a metallic material under a high pressure and at high temperature. Because of this, the tip ensures maximum durability and long service-life. The height of the trekking poles inSPORTline Sajama can be set using a simple mechanism Fast Lock, which allows you to set the size in a range of 110-135 cm within a few seconds. It is also possible to fold the poles completely, and that is by splitting into three parts. Ergonomically shaped handles made of a foam material are fitted with an adjustable strap, which allows a firm and comfortable grip. Other advantages include low weight of 211 g, small size when folded or removable heels for different terrains. Included in the package is a handy container in which it is possible to carry the poles. Thanks to these excellent properties the trekking poles inSPORTline Sajama have become favourite equipment for summer, but also for winter season.


Technical description:

  • quality adjustable poles
  • removable heels for different terrain
  • removable caps for comfortable walking in the snow
  • adjustable handle straps
  • textile cover included
  • quick-fastening system Fast Lock
  • poles length: 110-135 cm (adjustable)
  • poles diameter: 16/14/12, 2 mm
  • material: aluminum alloy 7001
  • handles: foam with plastic cap
  • handles length: 29 cm
  • tip: carbide
  • heel: rubber
  • hole weight: 211 g (without heel and cap)
  • size when folded: 36.5 cm
  • suitable for summer and winter season
  • price for 1 pair


Quick setup of the Fast Lock system


1. unlocking the safety lock                     2. setting the length and tightening by nut         3. securing the lock

Recommended by Petr Kopriva, the inSPORTline Coach

 Petr Kopřiva

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

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Trekking poles inSPORTline Sajama - Product parameters

Number of parts
488 g
Rubber protection tips
Pole length
110-135 cm
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