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Spartan Roller Ring

Fitness ring, durable material, ergonomically shaped handle, simple design.

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Fitness ring, durable material, ergonomically shaped handle, simple design.

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Spartan Roller Ring

Fitness ring Spartan Roller Ring is suitable for daily exercise, in which you mainly strengthen the upper body. The ring is specifically designed for strengthening the pectoral muscles and the whole arm. The principle of this ring is that you hold out your hand and by minimum arm movements try to spin the ball in the ring as quickly as possible. Strengthening with this ring is easy, fun, and you can strengthen whenever you want. Thanks to the small dimensions, the ring can be stored anywhere.

Technical description:

  • ergonomically designed handle
  • simple design
  • metal ball inside
  • durable hardened plastic
  • diameter: 25 cm
  • suitable for home exercise

Spartan Roller Ring - Product parameters

25 cm
Hardened Plastic
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