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Rechargeable Handheld Torch Trixline TR 988L

Powerful handheld torch with a built-in solar panel for charging the accumulator, can also be used as a power bank, two light modes. more

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The Rechargeable Handheld Torch Trixline TR 988L features a practical integrated solar panel, which charges the accumulator on sunny days, keeping the torch ready to go even if you travel to places with no electricity. And if it’s cloudy outside, you can easily recharge the torch using a micro-USB cable.

There are two USB ports underneath the solar panel. The first port is used to charge the torch, with green and red lights showing you remaining charge, while the second one is a powerful power bank which allows you to charge your electronic devices.

The torch offers two light modes – front and center. Using a comfortable slide switch on the handle, you can easily switch between the two modes, adjusting the light to your liking/needs. With the Rechargeable Handheld Torch Trixline TR 988L, you will always have light on your adventures, without having to worry about your battery dying on you.

Technical description:

  • Handheld torch with a built-in solar panel
  • Two light modes – front and center
  • 120-cm Micro USB charging cable (included)
  • Battery status indicator – red and green lights
  • Doubles as a power bank
  • Solid handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Side light: 0.1 W / 120 lm
  • Front light: 1 W / 80 lm
  • Headlight: 9,000K cold white
  • Battery: built-in, lead, 700 mAh (320 mA + 480 mA)
  • Voltage: DC 5 V
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Light time: 3 hours (front), 2 hours (side)
  • Dimensions: ø 91 x W 126 x H 196 mm
  • Material: ABS + PS
  • Weight: 297 g



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