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Hyperextense inSPORTline Hero BTB10

High stability, soft backrest, frame profile 50 x 50 mm, 45° inclination, non-slip handles.

High stability, soft backrest, frame profile 50 x 50 mm, 45° inclination, non-slip handles.

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Hyperextense inSPORTline Hero BTB10

Hyperextension inSPORTline Hero BTB10 is one of the most effective tools for shaping the abdominal muscles. Steel construction with frame profile of 50 x 50 mm and 100 kg load capacity ensures high stability. Foam cylinders in combination with soft backrest then creates maximum comfort during exercise. Hyperextension inSPORTline Hero BTB10 is also equipped with non-slip handles that provide help during loss of stability or obtaining precise positions for exercise. With 45° inclination and adjustable height, it is possible to perfectly practice oblique abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks, but also knee ligaments, which are difficult to stretch or strengthen. Thanks to these excellent properties the hyperextension inSPORTline Hero BTB10 have become very popular and sought-after for home use.


Technical description:

  • tool for shaping the abdominal muscles and back
  • exercise improves blood circulation and relieves back pain
  • steel construction with a frame profile of 50 x 50 mm
  • durable finish
  • soft backrest
  • comfortable foam cylinders
  • non-slip handles with a diameter of 25 mm
  • padding height: 4 cm
  • inclination: 45°
  • number of positions: 6
  • dimensions: length 100 cm x width 56 cm x height 80 cm
  • load capacity: 100 kg
  • weight: 10 kg
  • category HA ( according to EN957 ) intended for home use


Extended warranty Rozšířená záruka 5 let


By exercise on hyperextense inSPORTline Hero BTB10 you strengthen these body parts:



Recommended by Petr Kopriva, the inSPORTline Coach

 Petr Kopřiva


Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, the inSPORTline coach:

Strengthening your stabilization muscles will help you reduce longterm back pain.

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Exercised body areas:

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pdf Manual

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