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Knee Wrap w/ Ice Pack Thuasne GenuStart® Ice

Inflatable knee wrap with a hand pump, hinge uprights and 2 ice packs to help reduce swelling and provide knee support. more

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The Knee Wrap w/ Ice Pack Thuasne GenuStart® Ice secures the knee without immobilizing it completely, and, on top of that, provides a cooling effect! That’s because it comes with 2 pairs of reusable ice-packs, which you put in the built-in textile pocket (no direct skin contact, no ice burns). The removable hinge uprights provide support while the compression via the inflatable anatomically shaped textile knee wrap with an external hand pump helps limit swelling.

The open patella buttress provides increased stability and support. The Knee Wrap w/ Ice Pack Thuasne GenuStart® Ice is easy to apply (it’s double-sided) and is universal sized (can be used on both the left and right legs) to thanks to adjustable anterior straps.

Technical description:

  • Inflatable knee wrap with ice packs
  • External hand pump
  • 2 easy to remove hinge uprights
  • Adjustable elastic anterior straps for increased stability
  • Soft built-in textile pocket for ice packs
  • Open patella buttress
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Suitable for both left and right leg
  • Compatible thigh circumference: 35 – 70 cm (measured 14 cm above the knee)
  • Material: 55 % polyester, 23 % polyamide, 12 % polyuretane, 10 % elastane


Product parameters

Placement Knee
Material Elastane, Polyamide, Polyester, Polyurethane
Fastening Velcro
Ventilation yes
Braces yes
Electric heating no


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