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Full Hydraulicline Set for Circuit Workout - Black

A set of 10 Hydraulic Line machines for circuit training, advantageous price. more

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A complete set of 10 Hydraulic Line workout machines for strengthening muscles in your entire body effectively and systematically. The trainers included in this set were picked to enable you to systematically tone isolated muscle areas. The set uses hydraulic resistance and all the machines are ergonomically designed not to strain your joints, making them great for recovery exercises, as well as intensive everyday use. Features such as its sturdy frame welded from all sides, wide padding resistant to moisture and quality coating preventing scratching and flaking make the Hydraulic Line a top commercial training set.

Technical description:

  • A set of 10 training machines
  • Wide padding resistant to sweat and moisture
  • High-quality robust frame welded from all four sides
  • Coating prevents scratching and flaking
  • Zero resistance at the start of your exercising makes your first movements easier
  • 6 hydraulic resistance levels
  • Easy on the joints
  • Suitable for recovery purposes
  • Suitable for commercial use and intense training
  • Made of durable materials safe for human health
  • Suitable for users of all ages and performance levels

Set includes:

  • IN2734 Leg Trainer Hydraulicline CEO200
  • IN2735 Chest Press Machine Hydraulicline CPB300
  • IN2736 Biceps Curl Machine Hydraulicline CBC400
  • IN2737 Leg Curl Hydraulicline CLE500
  • IN2738 Leg Press Machine Hydraulicline CLP600
  • IN2739 Triceps Press Hydraulicline CAC700
  • IN2740 Pec Dec Machine Hydraulicline CPD800
  • IN2741 Shoulder Press Machine Hydraulicline CSP900
  • IN2742 Ab Crunch Machine Hydraulicline CAB10000
  • IN2743 Inner and Outer Thigh Machine Hydraulicline CTH1100


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