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Body Trimmer Spartan arm workout

Universal strengthener of pectoral muscles, leg muscles and arms with a spring resistance. more

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Strengthener Body Trimmer is a simple tool for everyday strengthening of pectoral muscles, arms and thigh muscles. Body Trimmer operates on a simple but effective principle of spring resistance. Arms of the strengthener are coated with a thick layer of soft foam, very pleasant to the touch. Squeezing the strengthener arms by legs can achieve strengthening of thigh muscles in a short time. Compressing the strengthener by arms can then strengthen pectoral muscles, biceps and triceps. Thanks to the versatile use and a small size is the strengthener ideal for home workout.

Technical description:

  • Simple and effective strengthener of pectoral muscles, legs and arms muscles
  • Small size and low weight
  • Universal usage
  • Surface coated with a thick layer of very smooth foam
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Suitable for home workout
  • Safe strengthening without the need of a professional supervision

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