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inSPORTline Heating Waist Belt

Lumbar belt with an electric heating and a cooling gel cushion, effective protection of the kidneys and lumbar spine in a cold season, solid Velcro zip + cooling gel cushion.

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Lumbar belt with an electric heating and a cooling gel cushion, effective protection of the kidneys and lumbar spine in a cold season, solid Velcro zip + cooling gel cushion.

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inSPORTline Heating Waist Belt

Heating waist belt inSPORTline is a special lumbar belt with active electronic heating of the lumbar region and is thus suitable for normal and colder periods of the year. Waist belt inSPORTline very effectively protects the kidneys and lumbar spine, it is made of high quality breathable neoprene and the use of this exact material provides a very comfortable feeling when wearing it – the belt does not scratch or pinch anywhere. This type of breathable neoprene has also excellent thermal insulation properties, thanks to which it will perfectly cover your back against wind or cold. Breathable neoprene provides very good perspiration removal away from the body and helps to keep your back dry. Exact fastening of the belt is provided by large Velcro zippers, thanks to which the belt is held in place even during demanding sports activities. Heating waist belt inSPORTline supports natural upright posture, warms the kidney area and relieves backache. Furthermore, it can relieve or prevent pain in the lumbar region, which is caused by excessive stress, poor seating, or lack of exercise. Charging a small battery for heating can be done easily via a charger, which is included in the set. The battery is very small and weighs only 36 g. The battery has a discharge signal. Another extraordinary equipment of this waist belt is a cooling gel cushion that, on the contrary, can be used for relaxation back cooling after a hard workout. The gel cushion can be placed in the refrigerator to achieve low temperature. Thanks to its versatility, this heating waist belt inSPORTline is suitable for all sports activities, casual wear or riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

Technical description:

  • heating waist belt with neoprene
  • excellent thermal insulation properties keep the back area warm
  • breathable neoprene allows sweat to evaporate
  • high flexibility of the belt
  • solid Velcro fastener keeps the belt in place even during intensive physical activity
  • protects the lumbar region from cold or wind
  • material: Neoprene, Nylon
  • rechargeable battery Li-Ion 5V with LED indicator
  • battery life: 3-5 hours
  • size / weight of the battery: 65 x 37 x 11 mm / 36 g
  • gel cushion size: 185 x 85 mm
  • dimensions: M: 105 x 15, L: 120 x 15 cm
  • Velcro dimensions: 30 + 8 cm
  • suitable for poor seating / body posture / lack of exercise / after intense workout
  • included in a set: belt, battery, heating mechanism, cooling gel cushion
  • suitable for all sports activities and casual wear


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inSPORTline Heating Waist Belt - Product parameters

Lower back
Neoprene, Nylon
Number of magnets
Germanium components
Electric heating

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