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Massage device inSPORTline Barryfer

A revolutionary device that helps with pain. Combination of four functions - heating, air massage, vibration and EMS.

A revolutionary device that helps with pain. Combination of four functions - heating, air massage, vibration and EMS. more »

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Massage device inSPORTline Barryfer

Are you tired of recurring severe menstrual abdominal pain every month and don't want to constantly reduce the pain with pills? We have a solution for you! This revolutionary Barryfer massage device will become your best companion not only during your days. You can also use the device on sore backs, trapezoids or bladder inflammation at any time. The combination of four functions will release tension and pain , so you can finally enjoy any activity without restrictions.

A pleasant warming up to 42 ° C will warm up and relax your muscles and your mind. Air massage in which the inner surface of the device is inflated, has a positive effect on the muscles and mimics the stimulating massage process. EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, stimulates muscles with electrical pulses , resulting in an effective massage of the internal muscles. The vibrations pleasantly complement other massage functions and speed up pain relief. You can choose how you want to combine the individual functions. You can then set the intensity of the massage in 5 levels. This will ensure that every user will find something for themselves! In addition, the device is very small and light - so you can wear it anytime and anywhere without anyone noticing.


Attach the device to your belly, hips or trapezoids using Velcro. Always use the appliance on the skin - not over clothing. Press and hold the center button to start. All functions start automatically at the lowest intensity. Press the start button repeatedly to select the combination of functions you want to use. Use the + and - buttons to select the intensity in five levels . After 15 minutes, the device switches off automatically.

Technical description:

  • helps relieve menstrual pain, bladder inflammation or muscle aches
  • device functions:
    • heating to 42 ° C
    • air massage
    • EMS - electronic muscle stimulation
    • vibration
  • five degrees of intensity
  • possibility of use on the abdomen, hips or trapezoids
  • foldable construction
  • you can wear it anywhere under clothes
  • automatic shutdown after 15 minutes
  • easy operation
  • adjustable velcro strap
  • fully wireless
  • USB-C power supply
  • quality lithium battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh
  • Adjustable Velcro strap with maximum body diameter of 96 cm 
  • charging time: 2 - 3 hours
  • operating time: 2.5 hours
  • power: 5W
  • device dimensions: l18 x w9 x h2.5 cm
  • weight: 250 g
  • material: ABS, silicone

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