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Power Rack inSPORTline Cable Column CC600

Sophisticated, multi-purpose and ready for action! This smith machine with weight stacks will fit right in any professional gym.

Sophisticated, multi-purpose and ready for action! This smith machine with weight stacks will fit right in any professional gym. more »

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Power Rack inSPORTline Cable Column CC600

Perfect for demanding users, the Power Rack inSPORTline Cable Column CC600 was designed for power training and rehabilitation. The counter weight pulley system consists of two sets of weight stacks (90.5 kg on each side), allowing the really strong guys to lift up to 181 kg!

This power rack also comes with a variety of accessories that offer dozens of exercise variations, allowing you to focus on different muscle groups. Those are: a variety of pulley extensions, Olympic barbell holders, a foam roller and adjustable multi-purpose parallel bars. Nobody will get bored, or at least not for long.

Each power rack is mainly aimed at a barbell workout. Thanks to guide rods with high-quality bearings, every Olympic barbell workout session will be an unforgettable experience without risk of injury. You can also exercise without the guide rods, without compromising your safety – the two pairs of safety stoppers (which can be placed anywhere on the frame) will take care of that.

The multi-purpose pull-up bar with 5 grip options, weight plate storage rack and a hook for attaching extensions are the icing on the cake. If you’re looking to make your gym special, the Power Rack inSPORTline Cable Column CC600 is the clear choice. 


Versatile accessories

You will have a lot of fun with the adjustable counter weight pulley system and all the pulley extensions. Apart from the upper pulley attachment, there are also two single-hand counterweight pulley grips and a barbell that is attached to pulleys at both sides. The removable foam roller allows you to exercise with a bench. 

Smooth assistance

Counterweight guide rods with top-class bearings allow for a smooth movement and a safe workout. Thanks to a safety lock, you won’t need a sparring partner.

Barbell exercise outside of power rack

The barbell holder with a movable joint expands your exercise options while the multi-purpose extension with 2 different grips allows you to exercise your biceps, back and pecs.

Multi-purpose pull-up bar

The stable base and heavy frame allow you to put everything into your chin-ups and dips. You can choose from 5 different grips and therefore focus on different muscles groups. The pull-up bar is rubber-coated and ergonomic.

Storage space

Keep your exercise area tidy. This power rack features 6 Olympic weight plate storage pegs4 hooks for attaching extensions and standard and Olympic barbell holders. 

Technical description:

  • Professional power rack that offers wide range of exercises
  • Upper pulley
  • Smith machine – barbell with rail - peg diameter 50 mm
  • Adjustable counter weight pulley system
  • Pull-up bar with 5 foam-coated grips
  • Guide rods for barbell exercise
  • Removable parallel bars
  • 2 pairs of bar stoppers 
  • Storage space for weight plates and accessories
  • Hooks for attaching extensions
  • Simple resistance adjustment
  • 12 barbell positions 
  • 16 parallel bars/stoppers positions
  • Pegs diameter: 50 mm
  • Weights: 2 x 90.5 kg (1 x 5 kg + 19 x 4.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: L 202 cm x W 168 cm x H 220 cm (including barbell bar and accessories) 
  • Profile of vertical frame bars: l 50 x w 50 x t 1.5 mm
  • Profile of rear vertical pipes: diameter 76 x t 1.5 mm
  • Upper and lower frame profile: d 50 x h 70 x t 2 mm
  • Shaft stop profile: d 50 x h 70 x t 2 mm
  • Total height: 231 cm
  • Weight: 399 kg
  • Pull-up bar weight limit: 150 kg
  • Smith bar weight limit: 280 kg
  • Category: S (EN957) – suitable for commercial use

Accessories included:

  • Double-hand extension
  • Single-hand extension (2x)
  • Pair of removable parallel bars
  • Removable bar stoppers
  • Long bar (attached at both sides)
  • Olympic barbell holder with movable joint
  • Barbell holder
  • Multi-purpose bar extension
  • Adjustable foam roller
  • Set of brackets

Workout stations:

  • Barbell squats
  • Barbell lunges
  • Dead lift
  • Standing chest presses
  • Butterfly simulation
  • Biceps pulley
  • Biceps pulley – with support
  • Triceps pulley
  • Side raises (shoulders)
  • Squats with pulley
  • Rowing (lower pulley)
  • Parallel bar dips
  • Pull-up bar chin ups
  • Bench presses (with a bench)
  • Butterfly with back support (with a bench)
  • Reverse butterfly with chest support (with a bench)
  • Seated shoulder presses (with a bench)
  • Seat lat pulldown (with a bench)

Extended warranty applies to this product.

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Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

Power Rack inSPORTline Cable Column CC600 - Product parameters

399 kg
User's weight limit
150 kg
Frame height
220 cm
Maximum user height
not limited
Posts for weight plates
Squats with a load
Bench press
Butterfly with back support
Fitness pulleys

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