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Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus

Magnetic bracelet with bio-ceramic filling containing tourmaline and a chip absorbing electromagnetic radiation.

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Magnetic bracelet with bio-ceramic filling containing tourmaline and a chip absorbing electromagnetic radiation.

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Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus

Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus has a proven beneficial effect on the human organism. It is made only from the finest materials such as harmless silicone, bioceramic materials, ferrite magnets and surgical steel. Two ferrite magnets, each with a strength of 600 gauss, are routed through the chip absorbing electromagnetic radiation. This increases blood oxygenation and cell regeneration. The inner filling is of bio-ceramics with tourmaline which has beneficial effects on the human organism. Bracelet InSPORTline Perseus is suitable for those who need to mentally focus or for people who are tired of over-work. These bracelets are also suitable for athletes and sporting people.

They increase blood oxygenation level, promote cellular regeneration, balance blood pressure and help to flush out waste products of metabolism. They have analgesic effects, are suitable to control joint and muscle pain, reduce swelling and accelerate healing. They are anti-inflammatory. Effective with the degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, muscle and tendon insertions (tennis elbow, Achilles tendon). The necklace is effective for chronic pain of neck and shoulders caused by improper stress, trauma or stress. They help with tooth pain and menstrual pain.

Technical specifications:

  • top-quality magnetic bracelet
  • quality processing
  • harmless silicone strap
  • bio-ceramic filling with tourmaline
  • chip absorbing electromagnetic radiation
  • two ferrite magnets (2 x 600 gauss)
  • surgical steel
  • elegant design
  • gift box

Warning: When shortening the strap, cut it symmetrically on both sides. It prevents deflection of the bracelet to one side.

Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus - Documents to download

pdf Users manual

Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus - Product parameters

Type of jewellery
Number of magnets
2 pcs
Magnet type
Silicone, Bio ceramics
31 g
Gift box

Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline Perseus - video

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