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Wristwatch inSPORTline Voyager

Wristwatch decorated with 52 zircon crystals, precise design, Swiss clockwork.

Wristwatch decorated with 52 zircon crystals, precise design, Swiss clockwork. more »

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Wristwatch inSPORTline Voyager

Wristwatch inSPORTline Voyager will attract the attention by an elegant look and precise processing. Swiss clock machine is hidden in a massive body of tungsten steel decorated with 40 cubic zircons with a metal strap of the same material. Black dial of the wristwatch inSPORTline Voyager is decorated around with zircons and covered with sapphire glass. The watch is water-resistant up to a pressure of 3 atmospheres.

Technical description:

  • high-quality and elegant wristwatch
  • Swiss clock machine
  • dial decorated with 12 zircons
  • wristwatch body decorated with 40 zircons
  • sapphire glass
  • material: tungsten
  • water-resistance: 3 atmospheres

Properties of tungsten:
  • tungsten jewelry is characterized by extreme hardness
  • tungsten (wolfram) has a hardness number 9 (max. 10)
  • tungsten is completely safe
  • the wristwatch will stay scratchless and highly bright

Wristwatch inSPORTline Voyager - Product parameters

Water resistance (real)
0 m

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