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Magnetic Twister inSPORTline

Twister helps you to lose your weight.

Twister helps you to lose your weight.

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Magnetic Twister inSPORTline

A twister is suitable for slimming down your body – especially in the area of hips and abdomen. Exercise by twisting your body while standing on the twister.

Technical description:

  • magnetic points located on the surface for higher effectivity of exercise
  • toned body parts: back, hips, abs
  • maximum users weight: 100 kg
  • disk diameter: 25 cm

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

Magnetic Twister inSPORTline - Product parameters

25 cm
Weight limit (kg)
100 kg
3 cm
0.54 kg
Hardened Plastic

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