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Drink Nutrend Flexit 400g

Joint nutrition with complex composition. It contains glucosamine sulfate, chondroitine sulfate, collagen proteins and peptides, amino acids, MSM, hyaluronic acid

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Joint nutrition with complex composition. It contains glucosamine sulfate, chondroitine sulfate, collagen proteins and peptides, amino acids, MSM, hyaluronic acid

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Drink Nutrend Flexit 400g

For completion and enrichement of the diet during joint problems, for persons at risk for joint wear and exertion (during sports, overweight), people with reduced mobility, or joint fatigue.

It is intended for:

  • Completion and enrichement of the diet during joint problems
    • People who are at increased risk of wear and exertion of joints and connective tissues (during sports, overweight)
    • People with impaired mobility or joint fatigue
    • Nutrition supplementation in post-accident conditions
    • Persons with reduced calcium intake


Collagen protein (gelatin hydrolyzate) - source of a wide range of amino acids and peptides which cooperate in the creation of collagen, are necessary for proper development, maintenance and protection of the cartilage of all joints, quality of hair, skin and nails. The product contains only 97% enzymatically splitted hydrolysed gelatin with high biological value. Unlike the non-hydrolysed proteins which the body has to hydrolyse (break down) in the digestive tract is the prepared gelatin hydrolyzate highly functional, immediately usable and easily digestible.

Glucosamine is a natural body substance that the body creates of blood sugar. It is important for the mobility of joints, plays a crucial role in the synthesis of connective tissues, reduces catabolic processes in articular cartilages. Glucosamine is a precursor of chondroitin.

Chondroitin sulfate - a basic building stone for the construction and restoration of connective tissues. Its sufficiency protects against cartilage destruction and damage.

Hyaluronic acid - is the main component of cartilage intercellular mass - joint fluid, to which it adds softness, elasticity and viscosity. Structure of hyaluronic acid molecule causes its ability, even at low concentrations, to bind many water molecules to form a viscous gel that provides connective tissues with the ability to resist external pressure.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - is an organic sulfur compound, which is commonly present in the human body. It participates in the formation of collagen tissue structure. Due to its antioxidant activity helps to prevent cartilage damage caused by free radicals. The sulfur in MSM helps to form the essential amino acids methionine and cysteine.

L-Proline - amino acid absolutely necessary for collagen formation, accelerates regeneration of damaged cartilage and ligaments.

Vitamins C, B6, D3 - support vital functions, stimulate corrective processes and contribute to the resistance of the organism.

Calcium - essential for bone formation.

Magnesium - works together with calcium, needed for nerve and muscle activity, the so-called ”anti-stress mineral”.

Recommended dosage:

For protection of existing connective tissue:

  • 1 x 10 g per day in the morning on an empty stomach

In increased wear and states of damage:

  • 1 x 20 g per day in the morning on an empty stomach
  • Children from 6 years 5 g per day
  • Provide increased fluid intake!
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage


  • Pour appropriate amount of the powder product Flexit Drink into a small amount of still water, stir and add water to the required amount
  • After about 5 minutes there is a clarification of the solution and it shows gel particles, which are produced by hyaluronic acid
  • After opening store at temperatures below 25 °C and use within 30 days
  • Dilution ratio: 20 g to 250 ml of water

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