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Multi-Hip Body-Solid SMH-1500G/2 - SPECIAL OFFER

For exercising abs, thigh muscles and glutes, high-quality frame, durable coating, 95 kg of weights.

For exercising abs, thigh muscles and glutes, high-quality frame, durable coating, 95 kg of weights.

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Multi-Hip Body-Solid SMH-1500G/2

Body-Solid SMH-1500G/2 is a piece of training equipment for strengthening your abs, glutes and thighs that will help you tone your muscles in a very short time. The unique range of movement adjustment allows you to set precise rotation limits for all types of leg exercises. By using Body-Solid SMH-1500G/2, you will be able to exercise your inner and outer thighs more effectively, strengthen your hip ligaments and work on your glutes. With Body-Solid SMH-1500G/2, you will strengthen your hips and thighs and improve your performance. The product has an anti-slip platform and a padded height-adjustable roller for maximum comfort while you exercise.

Technical description:

  • Strong frame with an anti-slip platform
  • Surface resistant to scratching and flaking
  • Quality cable system
  • A unique system to set the range of movement
  • Weight blocks included: 95 kg (210 lbs)
  • Other weight blocks can be added up to 186 kg (410 lbs)
  • Category S – recommended for all commercial facilities
  • Weight (standard weight blocks included): 130 kg
  • Dimensions: length 115 cm x width 135 cm x height 158 cm

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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