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Triceps Pressdown Body-Solid STM-1000G/2 - SPECIAL OFFER

For specialized training of triceps and chest muscles, high-quality frame, durable coating, 95 kg of weights.

For specialized training of triceps and chest muscles, high-quality frame, durable coating, 95 kg of weights.

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Triceps Pressdown Body-Solid STM-1000G/2

Triceps Pressdown Body-Solid STM-1000G/2 was designed because there was a need for a machine that would help you perfectly exercise your triceps and chest muscles. It is ideal for high performance and everyday use in commercial gyms. The machine has a solid base with low centre of gravity that provides maximum stability, adjustable seat with soft ergonomic padding, inclined handles for a full range of movement and better comfort and anti-slip rubber grips for maximum safety during intense training. The fully adjustable seat with a large backrest prevents your body from overbalancing. The unique and easily accessible frame ensures safe training. All if its features make at a specialized item.

Technical description:

  • Strong frame welded from all four sides
  • Surface resistant to scratching and flaking
  • Quality cable system
  • Ergonomically shaped seat, resistant to moisture
  • Resistance can we set from the training position
  • Weight blocks included: 95 kg (210 lbs)
  • Other weight blocks can be added up to 186 kg (410 lbs)
  • Chromed supports for smooth running
  • A table with instruction pictures included
  • Category S – recommended for all commercial facilities
  • Weight (standard weight blocks included): 120 kg
  • Dimensions: length 107 cm x width 102 cm x height 158 cm
  • Padding colour: black


Extended 10-year warranty

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Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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