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Volleyball Meteor MAX900

Volleyball for recreational use and training, original and unusual design.

Volleyball for recreational use and training, original and unusual design.

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Volleyball Meteor MAX900

Volleyball Meteor MAX900 is made of high-quality Micro PU in standard dimensions and weight. The used material is notable for its softness that makes the ball pleasant to the touch and easier to grip. The ball is originally and unusually designed with 12 glued panels. Volleyball meteor MAX900 is suitable for recreational and training purposes.

Technical description:

  • 12 glued panels
  • Fashionable design
  • Surface pleasant to the touch
  • Standard dimensions and weight
  • Material: micro PU
  • Size: 5
  • Recommended use: recreational, for school gyms, for both amateur and advanced training
  • Delivered deflated

Volleyball Meteor MAX900 - Product parameters

Recreation, Training
Playing surface type
Sewn together

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