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Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair

Ergonomic chair with a back rest, 4 wheels, anti-slip surface, durable frame, removable egg-shaped ball, suitable for home or office.

Ergonomic chair with a back rest, 4 wheels, anti-slip surface, durable frame, removable egg-shaped ball, suitable for home or office. more »

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Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair

Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair, so called chair with an egg-shaped ball, is an ideal solution for everyone who has a desk job and for all who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC. This chair forces your body core to stay upright, maintaining a proper posture (pelvis and spine in the correct position). When sitting on the chair, you maintain continuous balance by engaging deep stabilisation muscles. It is very important to sit properly to eliminate stress, back pain, uneven pressure on the spine, migraine and other problems. Using a ball chair is safer than just sitting on a ball, since the sturdy frame prevents the ball from sliding away.

To offer the highest safety standard, Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair features many functional safety features. There is a back rest for optimal lower back support. Thanks to the lockable wheels, you can use it as an office chair. After locking them, you can use it as a regular chair. The ball can be easily taken out from the frame and used for relaxing and recreational sports activities.

Sitting at your desk at work doesn't have to be so strenuous for your body anymore. Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair guarantees you will sit comfortably, not just at work but also at home.

Technical parameters:

  • Ideal equipment for a long-time sitting
  • Sturdy and stable frame
  • Ball with anti-slip coating
  • Lockable transport wheels
  • Removable ball
  • Backrest to support your lower back
  • Pump included
  • Frame material: polyethylene
  • Ball material: highly durable PVC  
  • Ball diameter: 45 cm
  • Ball width: 54 cm
  • Dimensions: W61 x L63 x H80 cm
  • Max. load capacity: 100 kg (Separate ball load capacity: 250 kg)
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Suitable for user height: 155 - 185 cm
  • Base height from ground: 30 cm (front)
  • Intended for both home and office use


  • Support for correct body posture
  • Continuous balancing
  • Engages deep stabilization muscles
  • Relieves muscle tension and back ache
  • Prevents uneven strain on your spine
  • Prevents you from sitting incorrectly
  • Reduces the risk of a migrane
  • Ball can be used separately for recreational sports activities

Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair - Product parameters

User's height
155-185 cm
Weight limit (kg)
100 kg
Pump included
Weight (g)
5600 g
Massage pins
polyethylene, PVC

Ball Chair inSPORTline EGG-Chair - video

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