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Put Together Your Own Barbell

Put Together Your Own Barbell
Put Together Your Own Barbell

Do you want to have your own barbell at home? We are here to help!

inSPORTline offers a truly wide range of all kinds barbells, weight plates and relevant accessories so that anyone can take their pick. Barbells can differ in several parameters, such as length, diameter, type of plate collars or the shape of the bar.

Correct axe length is key:

PYou should choose the axe length according to the way you intend to use the barbell. For regular weightlifting, use a barbell 160 or 180 cm long. You will have to be more careful if you need a barbell for a particular bench with posts for the bar. In this case, you’ll need to measure the outer distance between the posts and buy an axe accordingly. Most often, a 180-cm bar can be used, but sometimes a longer axe is needed. If you decide to buy an axe in combination with an inSPORTline bench press, you can check the post distance in the product description.


30 or 50 mm diameter?

In our selection, you’ll find both 30 mm and 50 mm bars. For casual home use, 30 mm bars are usually used, while 50 mm wide bars are used mainly in professional setting.
It doesn’t really matter which diameter you pick, as long as it corresponds with your weight plates.

What type of weight plate collars to choose?

inSPORTline barbells offer two main collar systems for attaching weight plates. The first works on the basis of a spring clamp. The advantages of this system are a lower price and a quick weight plate placement. By a simple press, you’ll open the clamp and slide it off the axe – that’s why the process is relatively quick. The other way to secure the weigh plates is threading the collar on the axe, the advantage being that the plate holds firmly on the bar. The disadvantage is that putting the plates on and taking them off takes a bit more time, because you need to fully remove the collar first and then thread it back with the plate.


Straight or curved axe?

If you want to use your barbell for stand-up raises and strengthen your biceps, or for bench presses lying down, then you should get a classic straight axe. Curved axes (i.e. RZ type) are suitable for more specific exercises, such as those focusing on triceps, etc.

Weight plate types:

inSPORTline offers several types of weight plates of varying parameters. Where material is concerned, you can get either steel or cement ones. Because of their durability, steel weight plates are very popular for both home and professional use. They often have additional coating, for example a rubber or soft vinyl layer. Then we have cement weight plates that are made of pressed cement filling encased in a very hard plastic cover, ensuring 100% shape invariability. The advantage of cement weight plates is their significantly lower price. For those of you with no experience with cement weight plates, it is important to know that the cement weight plate is perfectly hard, durable and very sought-after for home gyms. There are also weight plates with inner holes for your hands so you can additionally use them as a single-handed or double-handed dumbbell to train your biceps and triceps. There plates are called ERGO and can be made of both steel and cement filling.

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