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Why Wear a Helmet?

According to the Czech Highway Code (Law No. 361/2000 Coll.), it is mandatory for cyclists younger than 18 to wear a bicycle helmet. Since there is no common European bicycle helmet legislation, always inform yourself about the local laws and regulations and follow them.

According to our Ministry of Transport statistics, nine out of ten people who die in a bicycle incident don’t wear a helmet. The helmet obviously won’t prevent you from falling off your bike, but it can significantly reduce impacts – especially shocks to your brain and skull fractures that are a direct threat to your life.

You may think riding without a helmet is not really dangerous if you always ride safely, but you are not in control of your surroundings or other people’s actions. It is, regrettably, way too easy for a car to hit you.

If you think that riding seldom and only short distances will protect you, think again – psychologists say that because you are not as experienced and focused on the task at hand, the danger of accident is actually higher.

You may also resist wearing a helmet because you think it will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. But modern helmets are designed with these problems in mind! A well-fitting helmet is light, ventilated and will fit your head perfectly.

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