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How to Choose Nordic Walking Poles?

How to correctly choose Nordic walking poles? What aspects are important to focus on?

Some beginners think that it doesn’t matter what poles you have and that you can simply use skiing or running poles. These are, however, completely unsuitable for Nordic walking. For this purpose, special poles have been developed:
  1. Nordic walking poles have a special grip and strap.
  2. They are usually adapted for each hand.
  3. Nordic walking poles have several detachable tips for various terrains.
  4. Nordic walking poles are usually made of special lightweight materials, most often aluminium or carbon.
  5. Nordic walking poles are usually telescopic – two-piece or three-piece (this is practical, since they can be folded to fit into your bag).
  6. The pole length is in most cases adjustable. You can calculate the optimum length by multiplying your height by 0.68. Ideally, when placing the tip of the pole on the ground, your elbows should be at right angles.
  7. Nordic walking poles often come with shock absorbers – they protect your joints by absorbing impacts.
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