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How to Choose Children's Skates?

Skating is a universally popular sport, often enjoyed by entire families, who are right to start training their youngest members early.

If you are picking out children’s skates inline, ice or 2in1 – always prioritize quality. Choose rigid shoes with padding and adjustable size so that the skates fit well and make your child enjoy the sport.

If you don’t know what size to choose, measure your child’s foot and our e-shop experts will select the optimal model for you. There are many inline skates designed for both boys and girls and your child will surely appreciate if you let them choose the graphic design and colour of their new skates.

Don’t to forget to buy a helmet and protectors as well. In the Czech Republic, wearing a helmet is mandatory if you are under 18.

Children's Inline Skates

Many parents wonder when is the right time to start with inline skating. According to skating coaches, the ideal time for children to take up skating is between 6 and 10 years of age. However, if your child is skilful and you provide them with quality skates, they can learn how to skate as early as at 3 years of age.

Children’s inline skates (for beginners) belong to the fitness skates’ category. They are slower and have smaller wheels (under 70 mm). The wheel hardness is important as well. Softer wheels are slower and more stable when making turns. The advantage of children’s inline skates is that they have an adjustable range of 3 – 4 sizes (adjustable tip, sometimes heel).

Older children can also use slalom (freeskate, urban, freestyle) inline skates that are easy to control and have a short frame, rigid shoe and harder wheels (76 – 80 mm).

Skaters that like to perform tricks will appreciate aggressive inline skates – very durable, suitable for jumping and similar acrobatics in skate parks, with small stable wheels (50 – 60 cm).

Based on the intensity of your skating style, consider:

  • materials used (plastic, fabric)
  • frame (aluminium, metal, plastic)
  • bearings type and wheel size

It is a great idea to buy 2in1 skates – inline and ice skates in one.

Children's Ice Skates

Figure skating and ice hockey are widely popular Olympic sports and fans of these sports can be seen at any ice rink or surface. However, children need to be well equipped and trained from the very beginning.

For the youngest, choose double runner skates – children’s ice skates with blades in two rows.

After that, light standard ice skates can be used. Most children’s ice skates have adjustable size (their tips can be stretched) and therefore will last 3 – 4 years. The size of the skate should be a bit higher than the actual size of your child’s foot.

Adjustable ice skates with lacing have been proven to keep the foot better fixed than skates fastened with straps. These ice skates are more than suitable for recreational skating, but for real enthusiasts or young hockey players, choose children’s ice hockey skates with an enforced tip.

All ice skates should be sharpened before first use. Let your child try the skates on repeatedly so that they fit well and don’t pinch their toes. It is a great idea to buy 2in1 skates – inline and ice skates in one.

Children's 2in1 Skates

Multi-purpose skates for recreational and fitness skating are currently widely sough-after, because they are a practical choice for both children and adults. They have steel blades as ice skates and wheels as inline skates. What’s more, their size is easily adjustable with just a button.

This allows you to buy only one pair of skates that your child will use all year round for several years, exchanging blades for wheels and vice versa. Even less handy users should be able to manage the adjustment by themselves.

When choosing 2in1 skates, take into account especially the overall quality of the product and, with an adult user, the weight limit which can be 70, 80 or even 100 kg.

5 main advantages of 2in1 skates:

  1. Versatility – easy to use both in summer and winter, low storage requirements
  2. Adjustable size – practical for children’s quickly growing feet
  3. Money saved – you don’t have to buy ice and inline skates separately
  4. Easy to put on and fasten – even a small child can do it
  5. Enforced frame for inline skating – for better safety

Buying 2in1 skates will really pay off in the long run. Their size will adjust to the growth of your child and they will be used come spring or winter. Your children will definitely enjoy themselves, all the while improving their skills and physical fitness. These skates are also an ideal present all year long, as is evidenced by our customers’ reviews.

So, take your new skates out - on tarmac or ice!

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