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How to Choose a Spinning Bike?

How to choose a spinning bike? Here is some practical advice!

General rules when choosing a spinning bike

  • Consider who will use the spinning bike and how often
  • Follow the recommended user weight and height limit

Spinning bike - handlebars 

  • Height-adjustable handlebars are a standard feature
  • Most models have handlebars that can be also adjusted sideways
  • Correct handlebar adjustment is essential for effective and comfortable training

Spinning bike - resistance adjustment

  • The resistance is adjusted through the flywheel
  • The resistance is marked either with degrees or +/– symbols

Spinning bike - pedals

  • A standard feature are balanced pedals with adjustable straps for safe and effective exercising
  • Some models are equipped with double-sided pedals with a SPD lock that can be used with cycling shoes

Spinning bike - core assembly of the cranks and flywheel 

  • The core assembly of the flywheel must correspond with the intensity of training
  • Industrial bearings ensure smooth and quiet running

Spinning bike - saddle

  • Make sure to choose the correct saddle
  • A bigger saddle is not always the most comfortable one
  • Look for ergonomically shaped saddles
  • Gel saddles are very popular
  • Adjustable height is an important feature
  • Most spinning bike saddles can be also adjusted sideways

Spinning bike - spinning bikes and a flywheel 

  • The quality and intensity of your training depends on the correct flywheel weight
  • Heavier flywheel provides smoother running and therefore more effective training
  • The weight of the flywheel ranges between 10 and 30 kg

Spinning bike - braking system

  • Spinning bikes are usually equipped with a caliper braking system
  • The braking system ensures smooth regulation of higher resistance
  • The disadvantage of the system is that it’s a bit noisier
  • Higher-quality models have a safety brake for a quick stop

Types of spinning bikes

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