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How to Exercise on an Indoor Bike?

How to properly exercise on a indoor bike:

  • The first requirement is a properly working indoor bike!
  • It is important to find a suitable position – height, shape and position of the saddle, adjusted handlebars, the frame end ergonomic attributes of the indoor bike and other features
  • It is recommended to start with a quick warm-up and stretching

Exercising with an indoor bike

  • It is better to start the training with a lower resistance setting
  • After you warm up your muscles, you can increase the resistance setting
  • Lower the resistance setting again at the end of your training and relax your muscles
  • The duration of the exercise is important to the desired effect – you start burning fats (aerobic muscle metabolism) after 20-40 minutes of exercising
  • FIT – F = exercise frequency 3-5 times a week, I = exercise intensity 60-90% of maximum heart rate frequency, T = duration of the exercise 20-60 min
  • After the training, it is recommended to do a few cool down exercises to calm your heart rate and relax your muscles

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