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How to Choose Ice Skates?

This time we’ll try to help you pick out ice skates. Always make sure you choose suitable skates, whether you want to play ice hockey with friends, go skating at a skating ring, or just enjoy your time on a frozen fish pond.

Type of skatesIce skates can be divided into several categories, for example ice hockey skates, figure skates, children’s skates or skates for adults.

Children’s Skates
The first category are children’s skates. The advantage of this type of skates is that they have adjustable size. Make sure the shoe is never more than 3 sizes larger than the actual size of your child’s foot. Trying to save money by buying your child skates that are 6 – 7 sizes bigger is pure nonsense.

Skates for Adults
Ice skates for adults make up our second category. There is a wide selection to choose from so that everyone can pick out ice skates according to their needs. When trying the skates on, make sure there is enough room for your toes and heels. Put the skates on, fasten them and simulate the skating movement. Ideally, take at least 5 minutes to “warm the skates up” and then fasten them firmly. The foot must be fixed, but not constrained. If the skate feels comfortable, you are ready to go.

Figure Skates
Figure skates’ blades are made of one piece of steel and have grooves at the front. A figure skate shoe is made of leather, with support for the heel and ankle. These days there are even plastic ice skates (similar to inline skates in design). The shoes should hold close to your feet and minimize the free spaces inside. The lacing begins halfway up the shoe. The tongue is reinforced and prevents the laces from pressing on your instep. There are small holes in the tongue for air circulation.

Ice Hockey Skates
Only the lower part of the ice hockey skates’ blade is made of steel. The steel blade is embedded in a metal or plastic frame. Ice hockey skates are narrower than figure skates, in order to gain more speed. They are cut into a semi-circle shape with a sharp tip. The rear part is elevated, rounded or covered by a protective guard. Ice hockey skates sit lower than figure skates, with hard and wider tip and an elevated rear part.

When trying the ice skates on, always wear the same socks you will wear while skating. It is necessary to have your new skates sharpened before first use.

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