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How to Choose an Electric Self-Balancing Two-Wheeler?

Are you looking for the most comfortable way to travel from one place to another? Do you want to let your legs rest but enjoy fresh air at the same time? Electric self-balancing two-wheelers might be just the thing for you! They will comfortably get you where you need – quickly and without stress. Thanks to an innovative steering mechanism and eco-friendly drive, electric two-wheelers are stylish personal vehicles that aren’t going to disappear any time soon. In this guide, you’ll find out how to pick a model that meets all of your requirements.

All electric self-balancing vehicles move thanks to a gyroscopic system that uses integrated software and wheel sensors to balance the deck according to the shifting position of the user. Wheel sensors will detect how much the user is tilting the deck. This information is processed by the gyroscopes and subsequently relayed to the control unit. From there, the signal is transmitted to the motors, moving the deck in order to balance the user’s shifting weight. The result is a modern personal vehicle. Electric self-balancing two-wheelers aren’t only used for leisure purposes, but also as a transport in large facilities and other places. You should definitely try riding one!

Advantages of Using a Self-Balancing Two-Wheeler

  • Easy control – It will only take a few minutes for anyone to get the hang of riding a self-balancing vehicle. The steering is very intuitive, and the steering bar provides sufficient support. All you need to do is hop on and steer – the self-balancing system will take care of the rest.

  • Perfect for sightseeing – The bets ways to utilize your self-balancing scooter are leisure rides through historic city areas or trips on wider tourist paths. If the weather’s nice, you can get on and head out exploring.

  • Avoid heavy traffic – These two-wheelers can easily ride on the road, as well as the pavement. If you need to get through a city centre, for example, you don’t have to be stuck in traffic and waste time. Just make sure there are no restrictions on the use of self-balancing vehicles in the area. Some larger cities regulate the movement of all types of self-balancing vehicles.

  • Suitable for terrain – Unlike electroboards, most self-balancing two-wheelers can ride on uneven ground. There are even off-road variants with a more robust frame and wider tires. With such a vehicle, you can easily explore the countryside.

  • Go on a trip with your friends – With self-balancing vehicles, it is easy to travel in groups. If you have friends that own self-balancing two wheelers as well, you can head out together for a picnic or a trip around the neighbourhood. You’ll have a lot of fun and will certainly stand out.

  • Eco-friendly – Using electric self-balancing vehicles is not just great fun, it’s ecological as well! Once you ride through beautiful environment, you can remind yourself that by buying an electric vehicle, you had your hand in preserving it.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Two-Wheeler?

A self-balancing two-wheeler is a fairly large investment. That’s why it’s important to carefully think about the functions and features you require in your ideal model. These vehicles usually look very similar, so how to pick the right one? Think about how you’ll use the two-wheeler the most. How fast would you like it to go? Will you want to ride on uneven ground? What’s the ideal motor output and battery capacity for you? The main factors are listed below:


The most obvious differences between individual models can be found in the robustness of their frame. The sturdier ones usually feature higher output and weight limit and can be used in terrain (there are even off-road models). They are more expensive as well. However, these models are also heavier and as such, more difficult to handle, which means they are more suitable for people who will use them more on uneven paths. Lighter models are best suited for recreational riding through urban areas.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

When riding on a self-balancing two-wheeler, you should feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why you need to pick a model with an ideal handlebar height. If more users are going to use the two-wheeler, it’s good to look for models with adjustable handlebar height. Handlebars should reach approximately a bit above your elbows.


The electric self-balancing vehicle is powered by a rechargeable battery and its range depends mainly on the battery’s capacity. At the same time, two other factors need to be considered – the user’s weight and the kind of surface you’ll ride on. The lower the user weight, the lower the strain on the battery, which means you will be able to ride farther. The same goes for the type of surface. If the battery doesn’t have to use additional energy to overcome uneven terrain, the vehicle can then ride a larger distance. Most of the self-balancing vehicles we offer have an average range of 25-30 km. Although there are some that can travel up to 60 km.


Your choice also depends on how fast you want to be able to ride. You get to hold on to the handlebars, so you can go faster than with an electroboard. The maximum speed of our models ranges between 12 and 20 km/h. Be sure not to exceed the maximum speed – if you do exceed the given speed limit, the vehicle either slows down or stops completely.


When picking out an electric self-balancing vehicle, you should carefully think about how you’re going to use it. If you want to ride through a city and on nearby roads, you’ll get by with a lighter device with less power. But if you plan on riding over uneven surfaces, it’s better to invest into a more robust model. Remember – riding on rocky paths will be more comfortable with wider tires. Models available at our store have tires ranging from 10" to 21".

Charging Time

All our self-balancing vehicles contain high-quality batteries that can be relatively easily recharged. But if you don’t like to wait, an hour or two can make all the difference. Minimum charging time of our models can be only 2 hours. Other models may require up to 6 hours of charging. If quick charging is important to you, make sure to include this factor into your decision making.

Special Functions and Accessories

All that matters is what you require your vehicle to do. Depending on the model, your electric two-wheeler can feature a remote control, a kick stand, anti-theft safety system, safety system for moving backwards, etc. If you think you might have use for some of these features, pick your electric vehicle accordingly.

Electric self-balancing two-wheeler will be a smart companion for your trips in the city or around the neighbourhood. Just make sure to get a helmet and protectors. You can head out alone or in groups – self-balancing vehicles take up approximately as much space as a pedestrian, so you will not get into each other’s way. When used in a city, this modern and eco-friendly vehicle will help you get to your desired destination without being stuck in a traffic jam. More importantly, riding an electric two-wheeler is easy and simply fun. Everyone will fall in love with it eventually!

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