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How to Choose a Magnetic Bracelet or Necklace?

When picking out inSPORTline magnetic jewellery, you need to consider several important parameters first – the type, material and the number and strength of the magnets used. Each piece of jewellery, whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, has its own specific qualities. Our wide selection will allow everyone to find the type that is right just for them, regardless of their age.


Magnetic bracelets from the Czech brand inSPORTline combine original design, aesthetics and magnetic power. Using special technologies, they are made in tasteful design and with a precision that only adds to their uniqueness. The remarkable combination of four technologies – the properties of neodymium magnets, infrared radiation, anions and germanium - provides the magnetic pieces of jewellery with invaluable range, especially where healing properties are concerned. Neodymium magnets have the range of 1200 to 2200 gauss, creating magnetic fields that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Neodymium magnets are embedded into inSPORTline bracelets and necklaces and carefully affixed using a special glue with protective glazed coating (transparent, red, black). This makes them durable and prevents them from falling off. The magnets are washable – they don’t get corroded by water, nor do they colour the skin, which makes them suitable for everyday use. The effect of inSPORTline magnetic jewellery is gentle and there are no negative side effects.


  Bracelet or a Necklace?

Magnetic bracelet inSPORTline placed in the wrist area, affects mainly blood circulation, improves metabolism and strengthens your immune system. The bracelets have analgesic properties and are suitable for easing joint and muscle aches, reducing swellings and improving the healing process. They have anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as a positive effect on degeneration or inflammation of the musculoskeletal system and muscle and tendon ligaments (tennis elbow, Achilles tendon). They also have anti-rheumatic properties. In the wrist area, there are many biologically active points connected to your inner organs. The bracelet will improve your performance and physical fitness. We recommend you use it along with a magnetic necklace.

Magnetic necklace inSPORTline is, thanks to its place around the neck, very effective when you suffer from chronic neck spine and shoulder pain caused by incorrect physical exertion, injury or stress. The necklace has a significant analgesic effect on the spine area (muscle pain, teeth ache, migraines). It reduces your susceptibility to infections of the respiration system, allergies and asthma. It also alleviates menstrual pain. It has an effect on the central nervous system (CNS) and along with the peripheral nervous system positively stimulates the activity of the brain and spinal cord. Wearing a magnetic necklace alleviates stress, eases mental imbalances, regulates alpha and beta brain waves, removes static electricity from your body and improves psychosomatic balance. It is recommended you use a magnetic bracelet along with the necklace.


  Which Bracelet/Necklace to Choose?

Magnetic bracelet/necklace inSPORTline made of silicone strap with fewer magnets

Silicone and surgical steel are completely harmless materials. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for everyday use. They do not react to sweat, they are non-corrosive and resistant to chemical agents. Silicone is light, strong and durable. It maintains its shape and doesn’t deform when exposed to a wide range of temperatures. It does not crack, break or loosen. The possible design variations of the silicone material make this product very popular and suitable for both men and women of all ages. Fewer neodymium magnets are used with silicone material. Neodymium magnets affect people’s natural electric field. The human body must maintain overall balance and harmony of all energies. It strengthens your immune system, and stimulates healing and blood circulation. A magnetic bracelet/necklace offers an alternative way to improve your mental and physical fitness, relieve stress and generally improve of your quality of life. It is recommended to combine both silicon and metal bracelets/necklaces.

Magnetic bracelet/necklace inSPORTline made of 316L surgical steel, titan or wolfram with a higher number of magnets

This type of jewellery is made of 316L surgical steel, titan or wolfram. These materials don’t have any negative effects on the human body and are suitable for people overly sensitive to metals. The bracelets/necklaces are extremely durable and made with precision. They have a very elegant look, with decorative elements and high shine. The neodymium magnets are placed on the underside of the steel links. More magnets are used than with a silicone strap and they are placed along the entire length of the bracelet/necklace. The magnets are small, but powerful. Their magnetic field has the strength of up to 2200 gauss and goes deep in all directions. This way, maximum effect is ensured. Everyday use is recommended. Worn on the right wrist, an inSPORTline magnetic bracelet positively affects your joints and tendons and helps you if you suffer from rheum, arthritis and diabetes. Worn on the left wrist, a bracelet stimulates blood circulation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems and prevents thrombosis and varicose veins. Placed around the neck and spine area, neodymium magnets affect the central nervous system (CNS) and along with peripheral nervous system positively stimulate brain and spinal cord functions. They alleviate stress, ease mental imbalances, regulate alpha and beta brain waves, remove static electricity from your body and improve psychosomatic balance. It is recommended to combine both silicon and metal bracelets/necklaces.


  Healing Components

Neodymium magnets – strengthen the immune system, improve the healing process, alleviate swellings and relieve pain. They stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation, allowing a better transfer of nutrients to cells and releasing toxins from your body. They are anti-inflammatory and have a positive effect on your mental and physical condition.

Infrared radiation – has anti-bacterial effects, strengthens the immune system and stimulates metabolism. It also boosts the activities of liquid elements in the human body, which warms it and makes it easier to expel organic impurities and heavy metals. Infrared radiation relieves muscle pain and stimulates the vegetative nervous system, respiration system and cardiovascular systems.

Anions – stimulate blood circulation and improve metabolic processes. They activate blood cells, boost the somatic cell activity and strengthen the immune system. They have a great impact on fighting allergies, migraines or asthma attacks. They reduce your susceptibility to cold and flu, alleviate fatigue and improve regeneration processes.

Germanium – improves the immune system and supplies it with oxygen (cell regeneration) that serves as a protection from free radicals. It removes toxins from your body and has strong analgesic and anti-rheumatic effects. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are optimized, preventing arteries from hardening. Germanium also regulates the endocrinal system and has a significant role in preventing osteoporosis.

Tourmaline – a complex borosilicate of aluminium, iron, calcium and mineral elements. Maintains a positive balance of energies and alleviates tension. Strengthens and improves organ regeneration, cleanses the lymphatic system, improves immunity, heals children’s illnesses and positively affects the heart and spine.



Bioceramics – remarkable for its hardness, scratch resistance and high shine. It is made of an alloy of aluminium, silicon carbide, yttrium and zircon. Bioceramics is light, but fragile. It does not react to sweat or colour the skin, has hypoallergenic qualities and is suitable for people with heightened sensitivity.

Wolfram (Tungsten) – a very hard metal (7.5) that can be used to make original jewellery. Its colour ranges between white and silver grey. It is extremely resistant to damage, which provides high longevity. Its physical stability and density make it a unique metal that can endure physical forces, high temperatures and exposure to chemicals. Wolfram jewellery is very popular, due to its precise cut and high shine. Wolfram pieces of jewellery maintain their shape and don’t bend or break. They don’t react to sweat during physical activities and don’t colour the skin. Wolfram resists corrosion and oxidation. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with high sensitivity to metals. The jewellery is manufactured in a very specific way – it needs to be cut on special machinery with precision set to a hundredth of a millimetre, resulting in original and highly atypical models. The disadvantage of wolfram jewellery is that because the metal is so hard, no decorative markings can be carved into it.

Titan – titan jewellery is a shade darker than jewellery made of surgical steel or wolfram. Titan is a remarkable metal. It is very hard (6) and resistant to mechanical damage, physical forces, high temperatures and exposure to chemicals, ensuring its high longevity. Titan maintains its shape and doesn’t bend or break. It doesn’t react to sweat during physical activities or colour the skin. Titan also resists corrosion and oxidation. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with high sensitivity to metals.

Surgical steel 316L – a unique alloy used specifically for jewellery manufacture. Its colour ranges from light to dark grey. The difference in the final shade depends on the finish – whether the material is cut or polished. Using the PVD-plating technology, the steel can be coloured to any hue. To colour it in shades of gold, the IPG gold plating technology is used as well. The IPG plating technology is the best gilding technique that preserves the golden layer. The advantage of surgical steel 316L is the variability of its finish. it can be shiny, matted or ground. Surgical steel 316L doesn’t change colours in time and has UV resistant qualities that prevent the surface from changing colour due to light exposure. This material is unchangeable and doesn’t break or bend. It does not react to sweat or colour the skin and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with high sensitivity to metals.

Silicone – extremely durable, yet light. Silicone is an incredibly useful material that can be reshaped in many ways to ensure high quality of its shape or surface. It is a very stable UV resistant polymer that isn’t susceptible to weather conditions. Silicone is stable, resistant to exposure to a wide range of temperatures and doesn’t crack, break or loosen. It doesn’t react with sweat and colour the skin. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with high sensitivity to metals.

Rhodium plating is the technique of electroplating jewellery surfaces with rhodium. Rhodium is a very hard metal that is extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. The thickness of the rhodium layer is usually 1 μm. It is optional and depends on the time of the galvanization. Galvanization (or electroplating) is a special machining process (polishing, sandblasting, cutting). Only with this technology it is possible to achieve a fully shiny or decoratively matte surface with varying levels of shine or texture.


  Decorated Jewellery

These pieces include either zircon or crystal elements carefully attached using a special glue with a protective glazed layer. That makes them durable and prevents them from falling off. These materials are washable and suitable for everyday use.

Zircon – It is one of the brightest precious stones. It is popular especially because of its hardness (6,5 – 7,5) that makes it extremely durable and highly resistant to mechanical damage. A high light dispersion makes the stone look bright and glittery. You can distinguish Zircon from other similar precious stones with the use of a magnifying glass. It has a high birefringence and when looking through its largest surface plane, it appears on the other side in double. Zircon comes in a wide variety of colours (clear, orange, red, yellow, green, brown) and has beneficial effects on your bones, muscles and liver. It will also help you if you are suffering from sciatica, cramps, insomnia, depression, vertigo and menstrual pain.

Crystal – The crystal’s high quality is reflected onto its optical attributes. Renowned for its hardness (6.5 – 7.5) and extremely high sheen, the stone is often used in jewellery making. A perfect cutting and polishing technique with great optical attributes ensures high brilliance, spark and light dispersion into the rainbow spectrum of every piece of crystal. Crystal is one of the most popular and used minerals. This clear type of quartz symbolizes cleanness, releases negative energies, and stabilizes and neutralizes pathogen zones. It unblocks mental disharmonies and stimulates your psyche. Crystal has beneficial effects on the working of the thyroid gland, heart, blood circulation, lungs and the digestive system. It relieves nausea, vertigo, headache and migraines.

Decorative colouring – the jewellery is coloured using the PVD coating or the IPG plating technology.

  • PVD – this technology allows you to make your jewellery any colour.
  • IPG – a special gold-plating technology (to red or yellow gold). IPG ionization is the best way to gild jewellery, leaving a gold layer..

  What to Consider Before Purchase

Bracelets and necklaces can be shortened. If you are unable to try the product out, measure the circumference of your wrist and order another size. It is recommended to keep the shortened bracelet a bit loose, in case of swelling or an injury.

How big and powerful should the magnets be?
There is no universal answer, but generally it can be said that acute states can be relieved by wearing a magnet for about ten hours (to stimulate the healing process). For chronic joint problems, you should wear the bracelet or necklace intermittently for months or even years. Just because a bracelet or a necklace has more magnets, it doesn’t have to mean it is better for you. Small separate magnets have a better effect on individual acupuncture points or small areas, such as finger joints. Wearing a magnetic bracelet stabilizes your neural activity, blood circulation and oxygenation. As a result, nutrients have an easier way into cells and toxins are more easily expelled from the body. Your body is then able to work better. A bigger magnet with 1000 gauss is stronger than a smaller one with the same attribute (the gauss value of more than magnet cannot be added). The gauss value determines the number of lines of force that go through one square centimetre. With permanent magnets, it is recommended to choose higher values, because a low-frequency magnetic field has more beneficial biological effects. Static magnetic field exposure of your body brings about electromagnetic and biochemical cell changes that have a positive effect on muscle, skeletal, hormonal, cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.

How to care for your bracelet?
None of the mentioned materials need to be cleaned with a special paste or chemicals – in case of rough debris you can use an old toothbrush, soap and water. For gentle polishing, use a soft cloth (special jewellery cloths).


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