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How to Choose a Table Tennis Table?

Table tennis tables have been popular for generations, among both active and recreational players. If you’ve been looking for a fun activity to entertain your entire family, you’ve come to the right place!

You can get a table tennis table for your home, garden, sports club or a holiday resort. The only requirement is sufficient space – not just for the table, but also for the players that need to move freely while playing – to prevent unnecessary damage and injuries (the space required is ideally 10 x 15 m, with the ceilings around 3.5 m high).

The Key Question: Where Should the Table Be Placed?

Before you buy a table tennis table, you should think about the best place to put it. There are:

  • Indoor table tennis tables – used at home, in gyms and clubs
  • Outdoor table tennis tables – used outdoors, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions

Select a table according to the materials used and the price/quality ratio.

You can buy all necessary table tennis equipment on our e-shop:

  • Indoor table tennis tables – to be used only in dry enclosed places with at least 3 meters of space for the player movement
  • Outdoor table tennis tables – wide range of use, resistant to rain, sunlight and temperature changes, antiglare and UV resistant surface
  • Table tennis rackets and other accessories – balls, nets, cleaning products…

Foldable or Robust Table?

Tables for regular use are easy to fold, saving you a lot of space in the off season. Tables designed for extreme service load (i.e. in sport clubs, camps, schools) usually have robust welded frames and cannot be folded.

Other parameters

  • Transport wheels – important if you intend to move the table often
  • Table top material – for indoor tables, particle board is sufficient, respectively the so-called semi-hard wood fiber board (usually found under the abbreviation MDF); outdoor tables are made of layered aluminium plates with protection against rain and sunlight (the newest material is SDMC: aluminium – resin composite – aluminium)
  • Board thickness - for regular use, good rebound and better endurance, tables with at least a 15 mm thick board are suitable; Thinner boards offer a slower bounce and are therefore more suitable for beginners
  • One half folding – allows only one player to train
  • Net with quick-release clips – quick and easy installation
  • Rackets and balls holder – so you have them always at hand

Table tennis tables for professional play adhere to the ITTF standards:

  • Table dimensions – 274 cm x 152.5 cm, 76 cm from the ground
  • Table top – can be made of any material, but when a ball is dropped from the height of 30 cm, it has to bounce to at least 23 cm
  • Table colour – dark, homogenous, cannot be glossy
  • Halves of the table top – divided by a net 15.25 cm high along its entire length
  • Doubles – each half of the table is divided in other 2 halves by a 3-mm wide line

How to Choose a Table Tennis Racket?

The racket, or a paddle, significantly impacts the quality of the game. Composite table tennis rackets are being used more and more nowadays, but 85% of their width must still be wood. The size, shape and weight of the racket are not given, although most of them are round with a diameter of approximately 20 cm.

Basic properties of the racket

✅ control - The amount of control you have over the ball depends on the overall design of the racket. Usually, better ball control goes hand in hand with lower speed and spin. Therefore, beginners start with racket with a higher control value and gradually work their way up to higher spin and speed.
✅ speed - The speed at which you hit the ball depends largely on the rubber coating of the racket. A thicker coating will give you higher speed and vice versa.
✅ spin - The amount of rotation that the racket is able to give the ball, also called "spin". Thanks to this, the ball changes direction after rebounding or contact with the opponent's racket. Rackets made entirely of wood are characterized by higher spin because their surface is more flexible than, for example, carbonThe more flexible the material, the higher the spin.

➛ For table tennis tournaments, pick ITTF-approved light rackets made of springy wood with coating that allows for a ball rotation

➛ Outdoor table tennis rackets are highly resistant to weather conditions, thanks to a special injection moulding technology through which they are made. They not only provide you with maximum control the ball, but also sufficient rotation for topspin or chopped hits with slight rotation.

Choose rackets according to your playing style:

  • Structure – 5 layers of veneer
  • Feeling system – lower weight thanks to a vertically grooved grip
  • Ergo Grip – rounded ergonomic grip that will immediately adjust to your hand
  • Carbowood – carbon fibres for more precise hits
  • ACS – uses adjustable lightweight rubber for the highest rotation, speed and strength


Read User Reviews to Help You Decide

On our e-shop, you will find high-quality table tennis tables and other equipment for home, recreational and professional use. Our selection of products is neatly categorized and accompanied by user reviews that might also play a role in your decision making. Take into account experiences of other users, for example when considering a table’s durability, stability or its suitability for children.

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