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inSPORTline MultiTrainer universal booster

Universal strengthener MultiTrainer inSPORTline including a DVD, snap-hooks and attaching to the door - effective strengthening with your own weight

Universal strengthener MultiTrainer inSPORTline including a DVD, snap-hooks and attaching to the door - effective strengthening with your own weight

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inSPORTline MultiTrainer universal booster

MultiTrainer InSPORTline is a multi-purpose strengthener operating on the principle of strengthening with your own weight. The system consists of straps that can be easily attached to the door, a tree or another foothold. The ends of the straps are fitted with soft grips for hands and feet. A simple but very effective system of strengthening with your own weight, quickly became very popular form of strengthening with all types of users mainly for its high efficiency and low cost. After an easy installation MultiTrainer InSPORTline allows to most effectively strengthen the muscles of the whole body. The main advantages of the strengthener MultiTrainer InSPORTline are high efficiency, minimum size and low cost. The strengthener MultiTrainer inSPORTline includes inSPORTline training DVD with inSPORTline coaches and re-closable bag, which makes the MultiTrainer InSPORTline easily transferable.

Technical description:
  • simple and effective strengthening system
  • quality straps with the capacity of several hundred kilograms
  • ends of the straps fitted with soft grips for hands
  • allows very effective strengthening of all muscles
  • easy and quick installation
  • low weight
  • minimum dimensions
  • easy handling
  • low cost
  • load capacity: 150 kg
  • maximum length in tension: 247 cm
  • universal attaching system allows to use at home, in the countryside, on holiday


Package includes:
  • set of strengthening straps including snap-hooks and an end-piece for attachment to the closed door
  • instructional DVD inSPORTline (Czech, description of exercises on the MultiTrainer system)
  • Czech manual
  • bag for easy storage and handling


Note: MultiTrainer inSPORTline is not the original TRX

Recommended by Petr Kopriva, the inSPORTline Coach
Regular training with MultiTrainer promotes weight loss, shapes specific muscle areas and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

 Petr Kopřiva

Multitrainer inSPORTline is also used by
Kateřina Pauláthová
Czech Republic national team member in downhill skiing


Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

inSPORTline MultiTrainer universal booster - Documents to download

pdf Manual EN

inSPORTline MultiTrainer universal booster - Product parameters

Weight limit (kg)
150 kg
Weight (g)
850 g

inSPORTline MultiTrainer universal booster - video

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