Isodrinx Nutrend 840 g

Hypotonic drink with significant anticramp effect, with refreshing taste.

Hypotonic drink with significant anticramp effect, with refreshing taste.

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Isodrinx Nutrend 840 g

ISODRINX is a sports drink for preparation of both hypotonic and isotonic drink rich in rapidly absorbable carbohydrates  (energy), the optimum addition of minerals and 10 vitamins. It provides effective hydration during exercise and significantly reduces the risk of muscle cramps.

ISODRINX has a pleasant, refreshing and energizing taste and meets the physiological requirements for replenishment of lost body fluids, minerals and energy during exercise.

ISODRINX is created based on the latest research on the exercise physiology and sports nutrition with the requirements of the human organism on minerals and fluid intake during exercise.

The composition corresponds exactly to the requirements of the body during intense exercise:

  • Increased carbohydrates content - carbohydrates 93%, of which 85% are simple sugars
  • High energy load in dosage - carbohydrates 32 g, sugars 30 g
  • Optimal minerals content - minerals in forms that are maximally usable by organism
  • Two ways of dilution from 525 g (packaging content)
=> 7.5 l of isotonic drink
=> 10.5 l of hypotonic drink

Good fluid intake during exercise helps to rehydrate the body faster and supplements mineral loss, while faster regenerating the organism. For effective regulation and regeneration is a mixture of vitamins added.

ISODRINX is intended for:

  • professional and recreational sportsmen, who want to receive high quality drinks during exercise
  • mineral-ion balance regulation during performance
  • organism hydration during performance
  • people with extreme load in difficult climatic conditions
  • decrease in muscle cramps tendency
  • quality and fast recovery
  • minerals and vitamins supply


Osmolality of isotonic drink at 35 g diluted to 500 ml is 285-295 mOsm/kg. ISOtonic drink prepare according to the recommended dilution (1 cup dissolved in 500 ml of water). By the nature of exercise, intensity and environment dose 500-700 ml of the drink during exerciseat an interval of one hour, drink every 15 minutes approximately 100-150 ml drink. Never at once!

ISOtonic drink is used for activities with very high intensity and relatively short duration (approx. up to 60 minutes).

Hypotonic drink use during performances of longer duration (over 60 minutes) and with lower intensity activities, every 10 minutes 100 ml.

Isotonic drink has the same osmotic pressure as body fluids. Given that human sweat does not have the same osmolality as body fluids, but lower, it is needed to ensure a targeted and controlled dosing. Mineral content of sweat is inversely proportional to the ambient temperature (the concentration of minerals in sweat decreases with increasing temperature), it is therefore needed, at temperatures above 25 °C, to increase the amount of water used for ISODRINX preparation by 10 to 20%. Disproportionate increase in consumption of isotonic drinks may lead to greater intake of electrolytes than is their output, and thus a higher current income than is needed. It will inspissate their concentration in the extracellular fluids and disrupt an osmotic balance between extracellular fluid and cells.

Characteristics of each component:

ISODRINX is created with a physiologically balanced ratio of minerals.
Sodium affects the quality of physical activity and brain activity, its losses occur as a result of sweating, and it is therefore necessary to supply it.
Magnesium is an important anti-cramp element involved in the activity of the heart and many metabolic processes, in the diet is often scarce.
Potassium is essential for prevention of cardiac arrhythmias and the ultimate formation of  liver and muscle glycogen reserve. Most is lost during recovery after physical exercise, when it is excreted in the urine.

ISODRINX also supplies a full spectrum of essential vitamins that are essential for all metabolic processes and for regeneration promotion.

The mineral mixture is combined with simple sugars (glucose, sucrose) and complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin), which guarantees the effect of supplying ”fast“ and ”slow“ energy. The drink is in the recommended amount determined for each individual to supplement fluids and essential minerals.

It is extremely important for athletes at the stage of physical exercise and for people exposed to heavy physical exertion. During extreme temperatures it is also suitable for drivers. We also recommend it to cover the loss of fluids during diarrhoea.

Recommended dosage:

  • To prepare ISOTONIC DRINK drink - 35 grams (slightly heaped scoop) per 500 ml of still water
  • To prepare HYPOTONIC DRINK - 35 grams (slightly heaped scoop) per 700 ml of still water

Put the required amount of powder into a small amount of still water, stir it and refill with the rest of water to get the required amount. It is not appropriate to use mineral water for the drink preparation, it would disturb the mineral balance of the drink.

Intended for special nutrition. Not suitable for children. Keep out of reach of children. It does not contain substances of doping character. Store in a dry place at temperatures below 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight. Protect from freeze! The manufacturer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage or storage.

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