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Darts Winmau Apocalypse Brass – 3-Pack

Winmau Apocalypse steel-tip darts are brass darts in an elegant design. Black coated barrels feature full-length square grooves. more

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The Darts Winmau Apocalypse Brass boast a brass shaft, a steel tip, and all-round enhanced throw versatility with a complete range that’s ready to start the career of any player. They are finished in Winmau’s stylish and unique black coated finish with a superb choice of grips, coupled with exceptional performance characteristics. What’s more, they come equipped with extra thick Prism Alpha flights in black-and-purple color.

Also included in the set is a practical, high-end laser-engraved aluminum point protector, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your darts during transportation.

Technical description:

  • Perfectly balanced brass shafts
  • Black grip with fine square grooves
  • Black steel tip
  • High-end laser-engraved aluminum point protector
  • Shaft: Prism 1.0 medium
  • Flight: Prism Alpha
  • Number of darts in the pack: 3
  • The design of flights may be a little different

Dart weight

19 g

21 g

22 g

24 g

Barrel length

55.88 mm

53.3 mm

53.5 mm

57.3 mm

Barrel diameter

8 mm

8.8 mm

8.8 mm

8.8 mm


Product parameters

Darts 3 pcs
Material Brass, Steel
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