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Children’s Bike Academy Grade 3 Belt 16” - Yellow

Lightweight children’s bike in an ergonomic design with a lowered top frame tube for a more comfortable and enhanced riding experience. Features a belt and V-brakes. more

Frame size:  10" (105-125 cm)

Colour:  Yellow

E-shop: 2-4 days

434,80 €

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  • 2-year warranty


The weight of the bike has a lot to do with how much a child enjoys riding it. That’s why the Children’s Bike Academy Grade 3 Belt 16” is 40 percent lighter than what a children’s bike should be.

good children’s bike is only good if it’s really light and fully adjustable. What makes Academy bikes good is light frames and components. The lowered top frame tube makes it easier for children to mount and get off the bike.   

Did you know that an ergonomic bike design can help children learn proper cycling habits? That’s why Academy, in collaboration with the German Institute of Orthopedics, Osteopathy and Sports Medicine, developed an ergonomic bike design that makes pedaling easier for children, while promoting correct body posture.

Silence is golden, especially when it comes to children’s bikes. Since the Academy Grade 3 Belt features a belt instead of a chain, it’s not only silent but also easier to maintain, which means more riding time for your kid and less time spent finetuning the bike in the garage. Plus, the belt with not get your clothes dirty, and you will stay injury free (which is not always the case when dealing with the regular bike chain).

Not only does an appropriate handlebar height make it easier to actually control the bike, it also helps promote correct posture. And the Grade 3 handlebars will grow together with your child.

Our tips:

  • Don't know what type and size to pick for your child? You'll find out more in our guide.
  • If you live in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you can use you can visit our stores for servicing or trying a bike out.

Technical description:

Recommended age

4 – 6 years

User’s height

105+ cm

Seat height

49-57 cm


AL tripple butted




VEE TIRE Speedster


AL 25.4 mm


ACADEMY AHEAD, 50 mm/470 mm

Gear shifter

1s freewheel






16" Superlight


5.7 kg


Product parameters

Number of speeds 1
Frame material Aluminium
Frame AL tripple butted
Wheel size 16
Brakes V-brake
Suspension none
Fork Aluminium
Rear Brake V-brake
Front Brake V-brake
Rear tire VEE TIRE Speedster
Front Tire VEE TIRE Speedster
Gear shifting 1s freewheel
Saddle Height 49-57 cm
Handlebar stem ACADEMY AHEAD, 50 mm/470 mm
Seat post AL 25,4 mm
Weight 5.70 kg
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