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Children’s Scuba Diving Set Aqua Speed Aura + Evo - Light Blue

Set consisting of a small swimming goggles with a nose valve and a flexible snorkel with a quick-release holder, ideal for children! more

Colour:  Light Blue

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The Children’s Scuba Diving Set Aqua Speed Aura + Evo is ideal for young scuba divers! The Aqua Speed Aura goggles with two lenses was designed specifically for children – they feature a smaller frame and a narrower silicone seal. As a result, the goggles will adapt to the smaller children’s face; partly also thanks to the easily adjustable head strap.

The Aqua Speed Evo snorkel, too, was designed with younger scuba divers in mind. It features a bottom valve which prevents water from entering the snorkel. The curved, ergonomic shape of the tube makes the snorkel perfect from swimming on the water surface. And thanks to the quick-release holder, you can easily attach it to the goggles.

Technical description:

  • Children’s scuba diving set
  • Goggles with two lenses
  • Double-layered glass
  • Easily adjustable head strap
  • Nose valve in the goggles
  • Snorkel with a silicone mouthpiece
  • Bottom valve for letting air and water out
  • Flexible tube neck made of PVC
  • Quick-release snorkel holder
  • Lens material: 4-mm tempered glass
  • Seal material: LSR silicone

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