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Children’s Full-Face Snorkel Mask Aqua Speed Spectra 2.0 Kid - Blue

Children’s full-face scuba mask with a safety for sealing the snorkel and a bottom valve for improved air circulation! more

Colour:  Blue


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The Children’s Full-Face Snorkel Mask Aqua Speed Spectra 2.0 Kid is a reliable children’s full-face snorkel mask that allows the kids to go all the way underwater while snorkeling. When the child goes underwater, the safety inside the snorkel will block the breathing tube and thus prevent water from entering the snorkel. The mask also features a bottom valve, which lets the air and water out of the mask, thus preventing it from fogging up.

The mask offers a wide field of vision (180 degrees), allowing the kids to see clearly in all directions. The edges of the mask are made of antiallergenic silicone, which fits perfectly and therefore provides a perfect seal. Pick out the best possible gear for your kids to make this sea vacation unforgettable!

Technical description:

  • 180-degree field of vision
  • Bottom valve for letting air and water out
  • ULTRA-DRY system – no air enters the mask during the dive
  • Flat visor
  • Folding snorkel
  • Dual silicone edges
  • Size:
    • S: The distance between the eyebrows and the chin is 10 – 12 cm
    • L: The distance between the eyebrows and the chin is 12 – 14 cm
  • Warming: The mask is designed for snorkeling just under the water surface. When diving to a greater depth, you need to relieve ear pressure, which is impossible in a mask that covers the nose.



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