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Darts Bull’s Bear Brass Steel - ridged brass

High-quality brass darts with a steel tip, flights with a bear printed on them, comes in two versions – a 23-gram that features a straight barrel with radial grooves, and a 20-gram with an ergonomic, smooth barrel. more

Weight (g): 

Colour:  ridged brass

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Perfect for avid dart players, the Darts Bull’s Bear Brass Steel combine sturdy construction with a precision design that makes them ideal for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Based on your preference, you can choose from two versions – a straight barrel with radial grooves that weighs 23 grams, and an ergonomic, smooth barrel, weighing 20 grams.

The well-balanced shape and ergonomic grip ensure accurate throws while the durable materials ensure a long lifespan. Made of high-quality brass with steel points, the Darts Bull’s Bear Brass Steel will make you unbeatable, whether you’re playing at a tournament or having a game with your friends at your favorite bar.

Technical description:

  • Set of brass darts
  • Hard steel points
  • Smooth, ergonomically shaped barrel – a 20-gram variant
  • Straight, grooved barrel – a 23-gram version
  • High-quality flights with a bear on them
  • Tip: steel, standard 2BA thread
  • Number of darts in the pack: 3

Dart weight

20 g

23 g

Barrel length

55.4 mm

46.30 mm

Barrel diameter

7.90 mm

9.50 mm


Product parameters

Darts 3 pcs
Material brass
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