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Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON

Wall bars, gymnastic rings, hanging bar, trapeze, rope, rope ladder.

Wall bars, gymnastic rings, hanging bar, trapeze, rope, rope ladder.

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Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON

Compared to the ATLANT model, the Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON also features a rope ladder and a hanging bar on either side, which enables children to move from one part to the other as they please. The expansion system makes it possible to install the jungle gym in between the floor and the ceiling. Both the assembly and installation are so easy that you will not need to drill into the wall. The Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON can easily be moved from one place to another, allowing you to find the right place for it either in your child’s room or any other room.

The height of the hanging bar can be adjusted, making it both comfortable and safe for children to use it. As your child gets older and taller, you can easily adjust the height of the hanging bar. The rungs are rubber coated and thus anti-slip. Moreover, they also offer a gentle hand/foot massage, thus improving your child’s blood circulation. These rungs are more comfortable and safer than metal rungs.

The safety and quality of the SUPRAFORT children’s sets meets the highest European standards (they have been tested and certified by the GS TÜV, which is a body similar to the Czech Certification Agency but recognized across Europe). The jungle gyms meet the following safety standards: EN 71-1: 2011-07, EN 71-3: 2003-05, EN 71-8: 2011-11, EN 1176-1: 2008, ZEK 01.4-08. The weight limit of the sets is 100kg.

Technical description:

  • Quality Suprafort jungle gym
  • All holes and edges are covered
  • Easy assembly
  • High stability
  • Anti-slip coated
  • Certified
  • Ladder width: 532mm
  • Jungle gym height: 2,315 – 3,000mm
  • Room height: 2,350 – 3,000mm
  • Fixed ceiling required (for rooms with drywall ceilings use wall mounted model)
  • Weight limit: 100kg
  • Recommended age: 3+


  • Wall bars
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Hanging bar
  • Trapeze
  • Rope
  • Rope ladder
  • Note: extension pad for attaching jungle gym to ceiling is not included

Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON - Product parameters

Weight limit (kg)
100 kg

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Jungle Gym Suprafort DRAGON - video

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