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Motocross Goggles FOX Airspace X Black/White SPECIAL OFFER

Clear goggles with a wide viewport for unparalleled peripheral vision on cold and wet rides, 3-layer face foam with fleece liner, mirrored Lexan lens, Variable Lens System, strap mounted third tear-off post. more

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The Motocross Goggles FOX Airspace X deliver trail-ready functionality with all-weather performance. This is maximized with the use of a dual-paned Lexan™ lens to reduce fogging on cold, wet rides. They borrow features from FOX’s pro-level Vue goggles, resulting in improved ventilation, peripheral vision, and comfort. These race performance goggles have a larger viewport, improved frame angles and thicker lens to give you a wider field of view, while the outrigger system bumps up the comfort to create a secure fit! They feature FOX’s Variable Lens System (VLS) which makes your goggles compatible with both standard lenses (stock) and injection molded lenses (sold separately) within the same frame. 

The wide, non-slip silicone strap will keep the googles in place while the optically correct, hardened Lexan lens offers UV protection. With an expansive viewport, triple-layer foam (which wicks sweat and provides an outstanding seal so no dust or dirt can get in) and tear-off lens functionality, the Motocross Goggles FOX Airspace X are a heavy hitter and light on the wallet.

Technical description:

  • All new design offers a best-in-class viewport for unparalleled peripheral vision via an enlarged outer frame and improved frame angle
  • Dual-panel Lexan™ Lens with ventilation ports work to manage fog buildup while riding
  • 6-pin Lens Retention System keeps the lens securely attached to the frame
  • Outrigger design creates a secure fit to keep dust and debris out of the viewport
  • Smart ventilation system with wider air holes
  • Optically correct, hardened Lexan lens offers UV protection
  • Variable Lens System allows the transfer of standard and injection molded lenses in the same frame
  • 3-layer, sweat-wicking face foam with a comfortable fleece lining and outstanding seal
  • 45-mm non-slip silicone strap improves grip on helmet
  • Protective nose guard with the option to be removed
  • 3-post tear-off ready system 
  • Comes with a replacement gray lens
  • Comes with a microfiber goggle bag
  • Foam padding thickness: 19 mm
  • Head strap width: 45 mm


Product parameters

Suitable for Adults
Lenses Clear
UV protection yes
Adjustable strap yes
Anti-fog system yes
Silicone strip yes
Inner foam layers 3
Adjustable nose guard no
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