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Fitness Gloves Mad Max eXtreme 2nd edition

Gloves for gyms, padding at the palm, genuine leather.

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Gloves for gyms, padding at the palm, genuine leather.

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Fitness Gloves Mad Max eXtreme 2nd edition

Fitness Gloves Extreme 2nd edition present a truly masterful design without compromise. They are made of premium leather in matte design. The inside has special lamination that prevents the dye from bleeding onto your sking during training. On the back of the hand and around the fingers, areas usually most deformed by use, the leather is replaced by soft Lycra, increasing flexibility and preventing any deformation of leather (Flex & Fit). The area around the fingers and on the back of the hand is made of very strong, elastic and permeable 4-way Lycra. The grip is made of a firm cotton strap reinforced at the back of the hand, as well as the palm, and it allows for the glove to be fastened securely. This ensures that the glove fits each hand perfectly. Velcro (nylon) fastens the wrapped strap. The palm is made of specially modified leather resistant to mechanical damage. It is lined with a special foam material, divided into segments. This material provides a very firm grip. The seams and segments prevent the leather from moving across your palm.

Technologies used: EW, EFP, FF, PL, SWS

Technical description:

  • Fitness gloves made by a renowned brand
  • High-quality black leather
  • Special treatment to prevent the dye form bleeding
  • Padding on palms
  • Gloves are made of leather that can be washed repeatedly



Technologies used: EW, EFP, F + F, PL, SWS

EW - Easy Wear
Technology that makes it easier to put gloves on and to take them off

EFP - Ergonomic Foam Padding
Special foam padding on the palm

F + F - Flex & Fit
Technology that prevents the leather from deforming and bunching at the most stressed areas

PL - Protective Lamination
Technology to prevent the dye from bleeding

SWS - Shape Wrist Strap
Technology to perfectly fasten the gloves on both the back of the hand and the wrist.


Measure the circumference of your palm with your fingers slightly bent

Size table
S 18 - 19 cm
M 19 - 20.5 cm
L 20.5 - 22 cm
XL 22 - 23.5 cm

Fitness Gloves Mad Max eXtreme 2nd edition - Product parameters

Gel filling
Mesh over the back of the hand
Kick Scooters for Every Occasion!

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