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Motorcycle Chain Lock Oxford Hardcore XC13 1.2 m

Square chain links and a concealed hardened steel shackle, protective cloth sleeve, 3 keys, rubber-coated shockproof case. more

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The Motorcycle Chain Lock Oxford Hardcore XC13 1.2 m is the UK’s biggest selling approved chain and padlock. It’s not too heavy, so it’s easy to carry around, but, at the same time, it’s sturdy enough to scare off any would-be thief. The chain has 13-mm square chain links and a cloth sleeve to help protect your paintjob while the padlock is made with a hardened steel lock body and uses a hardened steel 11-mm concealed shackle for maximum protection against attack. 

The lock has been independently tested and approved by testing facilities. What’s more, it has been five-minute attack tested against drills, sledgehammers, bolt croppers and saws. It’s also freeze-resistant. All in all, the Motorcycle Chain Lock Oxford Hardcore XC13 1.2 m offers reliable protection for your motorcycle.

Technical description:

  • Extremely durable chain lock
  • 13-mm square link hardened Ni-Cro-Mo chain
  • Protective cloth sleeve for better handling and paintjob protection
  • Concealed, 11-mm, hardened steel shackle
  • Rubber-coated shockproof case
  • Double locking mechanism giving 4.3 tons anti-jack strength
  • 3 keys included
  • Sliding key dust cover
  • Tested and approved by Sold Secure – a British testing facility specializing in lock security
  • Approved by ART Foundation – a Dutch testing facility (MBT 4114 certification)
  • Link diameter: 13 mm
  • Material: hardened steel (both chain and padlock)
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Length: 1,200 mm

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