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Tanning Lotion Tanny Maxx Brown Super Black Very Dark 250 ml

High-quality tanning accelerator enriched with shea butter, caffeine and walnut extract that will give you a deep sun tan while regenerating your skin. more

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The glow-boosting Tanny Maxx Brown Super Black Very Dark 250 ml tanning accelerator will give you a deep sun tan while regenerating your skin. Due to the combination of natural ingredients and complex tyrosines, your sun tan will develop faster and deeper while also lasting longer.

Luxurious minerals and vitamins from sunflower oil and walnut extracts provide your skin with deep nourish to prepare it for a perfect tanning experience. At the same time, the caffeine contained in the formula tightens the skin. The Tanning Lotion Tanny Maxx Brown Super Black Very Dark 250 ml can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning and does not contain any self-tanner/bronzer.


  • Melanin – provides immediate tanning effect
  • Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant which is known to improve skin radiance
  • Shea Butter – binds water, moisturizes, smooths and protects your skin from harmful effects
  • Caffeine – tightens and dehydrates the skin and stimulates fat loss
  • Walnut extract – for supple and glowing skin; walnut shell creates a soft feel on the skin
  • Wasabi extract – a natural antioxidant with an antibacterial effect
  • Sunflower oil – supports regeneration and has an antibacterial effect

All Tanny Maxx tanning lotions are:

  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – made from natural ingredients
  • CRUELTY FREE – not tested on animals
  • UV-RELAX – phototoxic tested
  • OCEAN + CORAL FRIENDLY – does not contain ingredients that cause harm to coral reefs or ocean life

How to use:

  • Apply the tanning lotion immediately or within 30 minutes before sunbathing
  • Apply the lotion evenly and generously to your clean skin
  • For the best results and the most beautiful glow, massage the lotion in slowly and thoroughly
  • To maintain your tan, apply the lotion in the morning and in the evening

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