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CO2 Cartridge Set ASG Ultrair Care Kit 12 g – 10-Pack

Set of 9 regular and 1 lubrication CO2 cartridges for BB guns. more

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The CO2 Cartridge Set ASG Ultrair Care Kit 12 g is an essential accessory for your BB air gun. The cartridges are disposable and thus cannot be refilled. Among the 10 cartridges there’s one lubrication cartridge that helps maintain seals and lubricates valves on CO2 airsoft and air guns for optimal performance. You can fire approximately 250 rounds on a single cartridge.

Technical description:

  • CO2 cartridges for BB air guns
  • 9 regular cartridges
  • 1 lubrication cartridge
  • Disposable
  • Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight
  • Designed to be used outdoors or well-ventilated spaces
  • Capacity: 12 g
  • Number of cartridges in the pack: 10


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