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Lubrication CO2 Cartridge ASG 12 g 1-Pack

Disposable lubrication CO2 cartridge for BB guns, 1-pack. more

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The Lubrication CO2 Cartridge ASG 12 g is an essential accessory for your BB air gun. When using regular cartridges, the air gun valves dry; that’s why it’s important to use lubrication cartridges to keep the valves well-lubricated. It’s recommended to use a lubricated cartridge after every 5-10 regular cartridges.

The cartridge contains 5 % of lubrication oil. The cartridge is disposable and thus cannot be refilled. You can fire approximately 50 rounds on a single cartridge.

Technical description:

  • Lubrication CO2 cartridge for BB air guns
  • Disposable
  • Up to 50 rounds
  • Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight
  • Designed to be used outdoors or well-ventilated spaces
  • Capacity: 12 g
  • Number of cartridges in the pack: 1
  • Note: After each 5-10 regular cartridges, it’s recommended to use a lubricated cartridge to keep your air gun valves well-lubricated for optimal performance


Product parameters

Type CO2
Pcs per package 1 pcs
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