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Air Rifle Daisy Buck 4.5 mm

Compact lever cocking spring air rifle for the youngest shooters. It shoots steel BBs and the magazine can hold up to 400 of them. more

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The Daisy Buck 4.5 mm is a lightweight and compact air rifle sized for the smallest-framed shooters. At just 750 cm in length, it allows small-framed shooters to shoulder the gun comfortably, allowing those early gun instruction sessions to be far more effective.

This spring-powered lever action pushes the standard .177 (4.5 mm) caliber BB at 350 feet per second. You must push the lever forward in order to cock the rifle. The muzzle of the barrel must be pointed upwards to properly load the BB into the chamber. The magazine can hold up to 400 steel BBs. It comes with a blade front sight and a fixed open rear sight, and a cross-bolt trigger block safety. The Daisy Buck Model 105 has been described as the perfect first gun.

Key features:

  • Air rifle suitable for youngsters
  • Magazine can hold up to 400 rounds
  • Wooden stock with a carved logo
  • Lever cocking spring air action

Technical description:

Firearm type

Lever cocking spring air

Shooting type



Steel BBs (not included)

Barrel type



4.5 mm / .177

Magazine capacity

400 rounds

Muzzle velocity

80 m/s

Muzzle energy

1 J

Stock material


Total length 

750 mm

Scope Mount Rail



725 g


Product parameters

Type spring piston
Firing style reloading
Energy 1 J
Caliber 4.50 mm
Ammunition BBs
Barrel material wood
Magazine yes
Rifled barrel no
Weight (g) 725 g
Classification D (18+ age restriction in Czech Republic)
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