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Children’s Neck Brace ATLAS Broll Aqua

Perfect for very young children just starting out, super light, thin, and flexible design. more

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Built as a hybrid neck brace/neck roll the Children’s Neck Brace ATLAS Broll Aqua is ideal for very young children just starting out. The super light, thin, and flexible design is perfect for children who are starting explore extreme sports.

Prevents the following injuries:

  • Hyperflexion (an abrupt forward movement of the head and neck)
  • Lateral hyperflexion (an abrupt movement of the head and neck to the side)
  • Hyperextension (an abrupt backward movement of the head and neck)
  • Axial loading (force directed through the top of the head and through the spine)

Built For Kids

Small size fit for young children. Mainly foam construction is super lightweight, compliant, and ideal for young children

Weightless Minimal Design

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Our minimalist design is incredibly light

Hybrid Polymer/Foam Construction

Tough, impact resistant polymer creates a flexible rear structure, and front impact layer. A super lightweight and tear resistant foam body is super lightweight, comfortable, and durable

Split-Flex Frame

The Split-Flex Frame design allows the rear of the brace to flex during movements and impacts to increase comfort and promote continued controlled motion during impacts

Jr Easy Open

Built in Jr Easy Open release system makes removing an Atlas Broll possible for young children without an adults assistance

Jr Smart Mounts

Jr Smart Mounts built into the back supports of the Atlas Tyke Brace provide 2 possible settings to find tune the fit around your chest and back. The dual-hole design can increase the size of the brace to fit your child as they grow

Chest Strap

An included chest strap can help secure the Broll


Each Atlas Brace is suitable for all non-seated activities that require a full-face helmet. This includes Motocross, Supercross, Offroad/Trail riding, BMX, mountain biking, Snowmobiling, ATVs, etc.

Weight: 290 g


Product parameters

Weight (g) 290 g
Use children
Chest diameter adjustment yes
Easy Open System yes
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