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Tanning Lotion Tanny Maxx Mega Brown + Dark Bronzer 200 ml

Tanning lotion with a bronzer for the ultimate tan and nourished skin. more

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If you want the ultimate tan in the sun or sunbed and at the same time want to nourish your skin, the Tanning Lotion Tanny Maxx Mega Brown + Dark Bronzer offers you a tanning experience in a class of its own. The purest active ingredients and a deep tanning booster ensure a beautiful, long-lasting mega-brown. The lotion can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning and does not contain any self-tanner/bronzer. Apart from providing a beautiful tan, the Tanning Lotion Tanny Maxx Mega Brown + Dark Bronzer also moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

All Tanny Maxx tanning lotions are:

  • VEGAN FRIENDLY – made from natural ingredients
  • CRUELTY FREE – not tested on animals
  • UV-RELAX – phototoxic tested

How to use:

  • Apply the tanning lotion immediately or within 30 minutes before sunbathing
  • Apply the lotion evenly and generously to your clean skin
  • For the best results and the most beautiful glow, massage the lotion in slowly and thoroughly

Ingredients: shea butter, almond oil, caramel, tyrosine, aloe vera, cocoa butter, coconut extract, melanin, vitamin E, horse chestnut extract, nutshell

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